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Worldwide GDP is now trending over 6% due to the U.S. led trade agreements. Worldwide Inflation has remained in check at just under 2%, allowing for more purchasing power among all nations and their citizens. The Tax Reform Act of 2018 has created an alignment of economic activity and 21st century revenue. According to Fox Business News, business investment has never

that none of this would be possible without the support from his friends across the aisle. He pointed to both Minority Leader, Pelosi, and Minority Leader, Schumer, as instrumental in allowing for a near unanimous vote on both the TRA of 2018 and the Infrastructure, Security and Jobs Act of 2017. Secretary of the Treasury, Jamie Diamond, noted in a separate press release that the U.S. Debt outstanding under President Daniels has fallen from

Tax Credit Improvement Act sponsored by Senator Todd Young of Indiana. The White House has said this is a priority for our nation and its time that we address the affordable housing crisis impacting our country. When asked about this legislation at the press conference, President Daniels backed the bipartisan legislation and suggested, notwithstanding some differences in the details, the bill itself is something we should pass and pass now. One matter that may become an election year issue is that interest rates have normalized after the last 10 years of Federal Reserve injections of liquidity via quantitative easing and excess reserves by its members. The 10-year Treasury Bond closed at 3.25% which is higher than most of the industrial world. Although the interest rates have risen under the Daniels administration, the amount of interest paid on the national debt has fallen due to the President’s insistence that every department be held accountable to the U.S. taxpayer, as well as the enactment of the TRA of 2018, which has increased Capital Gains Tax and eliminated the concept of carried interest. Occasionally, one can wonder about what might have been. Perhaps this just a subtle way of wishing we had adults at the table. Maybe we still can.

been higher. Like the tax policies President Daniels enacted while Governor of Indiana, the TRA of 2018 has allowed for greater business

“The topic at hand is a flight of fantasy. What might have been had Mitch Daniels run for President in 2016 and won the election?”

just over $18 trillion in 2016 to $12 trillion, mainly due to the increased tax revenues generated by

investment while supporting the social welfare net. Thus, all citizens of the United States have been allowed greater educational and employment opportunities. Part of the TRA 2018 has also allowed for greater spending for infrastructure by utilizing private public partnerships. Experts now agree that this spendingbill, enacted shortly after President Daniels took office, has created greater border security due to the investments made at the country’s airports, seaports and electrical grids. During today’s press conference, President Daniels was gracious to all members of Congress noting

the TRA of 2018.

Vice President, Joni Ernst, and Secretary of State, John Kerry, will be joining the State Dinner this eveninghaving just completed their negotiationswithRussia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Israel. Although nothing has been officially announced, CNN is reporting a breakthrough in the ceasefire that has been in place since July 1st. When asked to confirm the rumors of a peace treaty, President Daniels deferred the question until a formal treaty can be brought forth to the Senate for ratification.

In other news, the Administration is supporting the Affordable Housing

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