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as long as I maintain dedication to our work. My wife and son will be here for Halloween and they come visit the office a few times every year. Friday happy hours with CREA- provided drinks at 4pm throughout the summer are a nice touch, even if I don’t participate in all of them. Finally, who actually celebrates International Talk Like a Pirate Day and the Summer Solstice as a defacto company holiday? Not just celebrates them, but plans them for months? My wife thinks we are crazy. When you aren’t focused on tax credits, IRRs and depreciation, what do you enjoy doing? Spending time with my wife (Leah) and son (Elijah). We love watching Elijah grow and learn new things. We often go to parks and try to get him out to see the world, and keep him off our cell phones and tablets - which, he can proficiently operate. When I have time to myself, golfing and fishing are my two main pastimes. Anything on or near water is a big draw for me, and I try to spend as much time as possible in the summer at my family’s lake house in Michigan. I recently began contributing my time to a local organization called the Fathers and Families Center here in Indianapolis, which focuses on providing fathers from challenging backgrounds with resources, guidance and support to take on the responsibilities of being an engaged parent. CREA continuously encourages community involvement to all employees, providing tools and paid volunteering hours to allow us to explore opportunities such as this. I’m very appreciative of that because I may otherwise not be able

to dedicate the amount of time a commitment like this deserves. You have the cutest little baby boy. How old is he now and what is he up to? Thank you! Elijah turned two years old a few months ago. He is in full transition mode from “little baby” to “big boy.” Leah and I cherish every day with him; I think we do a great job of never taking our time with him for granted. We just took a fall break trip to Chicago where we visited Lincoln Park Zoo, Shedd Aquarium and Navy Pier, and just checked out Chicago in general. The moments that stick out the most are the small ones, like when he rattles off a new phrase or some new words

2011 and2012, so theCredit Periods for those deals will burn off in five years. Dispositions will ramp up and, while they may not catch Acquisitions any time soon (10 years maybe?), one day we’ll plateau. CREA’s revenue sources are becoming increasingly portfolio driven…we’ve already seen the start of that trend. Therefore, I think we’ll see more focus on managing the existing portfolio as effectively and efficiently as possible, probably involving a CREA-owned asset and fund management software and reporting platform. Other than that, there will probably be some new deal/fund structures and offerings that I can’t even imagine yet. I’ll leave that to Jeff Whiting and Executive Management to figure out, and FM will be there to support those efforts.

in such a matter-of-fact, adult-like tone. “Elijah, you want to put on your pajamas and go to bed?” “No, I don’t feel like doing that right now Daddy. But, maybe later.” He’ll say something new like that every few days and my wife and I will just make eye contact and smile. Lastly, he is very excited to be a big brother, which should happen right in the middle of tax season…timed that one perfectly! If you had a crystal ball, what do you see the FM department and CREA looking like and doing in 5 years? Since I’ve been at CREA, everything has been about growth. The number of CREA deals and funds is what drives FM’s workload. CREA’s first major growth stint occurred around

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