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Kelvin Kow joins the Fitzpatrick team We welcome Dr Kelvin Kow who has come from the University of Florida with his family to join the team as Senior Consultant of Medical Oncology!

We started to notice that Yogi, our little chocolate treasure, was unusually sluggish on a relatively short, sunny morning walk across what we call our back garden – Tooting Common. Like many Labradors in long grass, he often walks with his head down sniffing out interesting smells and rooting out the occasional lost tennis ball. However, on this particular morning, he seemed to be misplacing his feet, almost stumbling on occasion. We were only 10 minutes into the walk when he had a complete wobble, stumbled and fell, unable to move… he seemed frozen, dizzy and nervous, unable to put one foot in front of the other, for fear of falling again. After we got him home, a very slow and worrying 20 minutes later, we were sure something was quite wrong, but the symptoms came and went… misplacing his feet, stumbling, head shaking like he had Parkinsons Disease. A visit to our local vets for a physical examination and blood analysis, provided nothing concrete by way of a diagnosis, and as the symptoms (when they presented themselves) got worse, we were sent directly to Fitzpatrick Referrals at our specific request. Yogi had the most thorough examination with Surgical Resident, Susan Murphy, and it was decided that he should stay for a MRI scan and spinal fluid analysis. The following morning we received a call to say that the general anaesthetic, scans etc. were complete and Yogi was back in a warm kennel and under observation. Our Yogi by David Jones. CLIENT COLUMN After 48 hours we drove back to Fitzpatrick Referrals and we met with both Susan and Resident in Neurology and Neurosurgery,Anna Tauro, (a title that even impressedYogi!) and the scans were thoroughly explained.They both were so calm and took us through everything in such a lovely manner, that our worries and fears for him were soon allayed. We took him home and although his symptoms had worsened quite considerably post anaesthetic… (he couldn’t stand unaided), his shaking symptoms were very so pronounced that he couldn’t even drink from his water bowl as his head was bobbing so much…. thankfully they quickly started to subside with the drugs and the normal Yogi started to reappear. We were told that the drugs had side effects, and that he would want to eat and drink a lot. Labradors certainly like their food…but the amount of water he drank was really quite something…and we could time a boiled egg by the time he took having a wee! After a week we were given the all clear to take him away with us on vacation to France, so with passports in hand (and paw), off we all went. He continued to recover day by day, playing with his bestie … Bailey the Australian Labradoodle… and has made a hopefully complete recovery, thanks to the care, professionalism and skill of the whole FR team. Idiopathic Cerebellitis was diagnosed and a hefty dose of Prednisolone steroids started.

Join us on the19th-20th November at the LondonVet Show - Olympia STAND B35 The Fitzpatrick Team is returning to London Vet Show! Our lecture stream is on the LVS website and there is no need to book, just arrive in time for a seat. We look forward to seeing you all!

Protect theVeterinary Nurse!

RCVS is running a petition to protect the title of the ‘Veterinary Nurse.’ Currently anyone can refer to themselves as a veterinary nurse, even if they lack the relevant training and education. You can sign the petition on their website: vn-register/protect-the-title-veterinary-nurse/

Fitzpatrick Pub Hubs We had a great time at not one, but two Pub Hubs in the past month! First, we went to The Ship Inn in Havant on the 22nd October with Dr Kelvin Kow for ‘Chemotherapy administration & safety for the primary care practitioner.’ Then on the 4th November, Clare Rusbridge presented ‘SYRINGO-MY-WHAT? Diagnosis and treatment of canine Chiari and Syringomyelia’ at The Talbot Inn in Ripley.

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