DUCKS Prospectus 2020

Avocet, Curlew and Mandarin Classes Ages 6 to 7 years Year 2

Year 2 is the final year for children at DUCKS. Through positive reinforcement of increasing independence, children learn to enjoy the higher level of responsibility that they experience in Year Two. They take the lead in many school events and support the younger children in their work and play. The children have opportunities to perform competitively in Sport, Music, Art and Drama after their four year programme of study at DUCKS. At the end of Year Two children move on to their next school. The Head of DUCKS and the class teacher will liaise with parents on the choice of schools. Most children will undergo an entry assessment to their chosen school, and the aim at DUCKS is to provide preparation, guidance and assistance to ensure each child moves on to the school that is most suitable for them.

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