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August 2017

STRETCHING OUR REACH Announcing Our 2 Newest Locations!

I’m excited to announce the opening of two brand-new Stretch PT locations, one in Mason near Kings Island and one in

I’m thrilled about these latest additions to our practice. For the past couple months, I’ve been spending a ton of time searching far and wide for the best PTs and PTAs to work in the two new spaces. We thoroughly vet anybody looking to join the Stretch team. Though we’ve sat with numerous promising people throughout the process, it was extremely important tome that we found the absolute best fit. As we interviewed, we were looking for someone who, above all, is passionate about helping people live pain-free. Not only that, but we required somebody primed to learn and grow alongside the company, dedicated to patient outcomes and the good of the team. We’ve had a great

Hamilton! We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to reachmore patients and help them live pain-free, without the need for medications, injections, or surgeries. The Mason clinic is having its grand opening on August 14, while the Hamilton campus is coming soon!

“As we expand, we’re ensuring that we maintain our primary focus on our wonderful patients.”

Check out the included insert for information about our

success rate with every hire we’ve made and with therapists who’ve stayed on for years, and we wanted to continue that spotless track record.

upcoming opening barbecue event. You won’t want tomiss our brand-new deep tissue laser therapy machines, a drug-free, surgery-free modality that relieves pain of many types!

As we expand, we’re ensuring that we maintain our primary focus on our wonderful patients. Even as we open two new locations, we will still be providing the same great care. If I thought for even a second that there might be a dip in quality, I would never have made the choice to expand. It’s funny. As our business thrives and succeeds, there’s inevitably some apprehension as we take the next step. Truly, though, I’moverwhelmed with excitement as our mission to provide natural, results-based patient care spreads to two brand new areas. If you know anybody in Mason or Hamilton, let them know our new locations are open for business! They’re sure to be impressed, and we’d love to have them.

This all came about because of a burgeoning partnership with a local chiropractor. He reached out tome and toldme that many of our patients had also gone to him for additional chiropractic treatment. He had a keen desire tomeet us, as he’d noticed that his manipulations got better outcomes when his patients were visiting us at the same time. He wanted to work with us tomaximize the utility of both our treatments. Though he was the owner of two great facilities, he didn’t have the physical therapists to staff them. So, we quickly worked out the paperwork, and the locations were official!

- Kim Nartker



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