Landing On Her Feet

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Landing on Her Feet Rarely do you hear the word “fall” and think of opportunity. Well, in Linda Wheeler’s case that’s exactly what it was.

been poor. Most refuse to think outside the box, repeating the same standard treatment. I needed to find a therapist that would listen, observe and treat all of the problems.” This is was brought her to JointCare PT. After good results, she continued care with JCPT as she was expecting to have another knee replacement. Due to the poor results of her earlier surgery, Linda sought to have therapy prior to surgery. This is known as “Prehab.” Prehab allows for an individual to physical and mentally prepare for surgery in order to maximize post-operative results. It is appropriate for most all surgeries, including total joint replacements, ACL repairs, and rotator cuff repairs. With this stint of Prehab, Linda maximizedmobility and strength, and learnedwhat to expect from the post-operative plan of care. As a result, Linda’s rehab was accelerated. “That was the best decision I ever made…my recovery was much easier and faster.”

Close to twenty years ago, Linda fell, injuring her back, hip, knee, and ankle. The injuries and pain were significant. She was explained that the knee injury was severe and due to her moving adversely, she was aggravating the other injuries. Shortly thereafter, Linda opted to have total knee replacement, with the expectation that all injuries would begin to feel better. Her rehabilitation from surgery, including physical therapy, was long and did not result in the relief she had hoped. After being discouraged with her experience, Linda set out to rehab on her own. She was advised by her doctor to try yoga. Her experience was great--she had less pain and better mobility. She was hooked. Despite her success with yoga, Linda sought a more custom, hands-on approach for helpwith her lingering pain. “Over the years, I have seen somany different physical therapists. My experience had

Since the first accident Linda has been committed to helping herself and others with yoga, meditation and exercise. With the help of JointCare’s patient- focused approach to physical therapy, Linda was able to complete training to become a certified yoga instructor. She maintains a growing yoga practice, Three Leaf Yoga, where she focuses on teaching yoga for balance and adult fitness. Her personal experience offers a unique perspective when working with clients. “It is my mission for the next 20 years to help as many people as possible understand that if I can improve my health and wellbeing that anybody can.” Who would have thought that so much good would have resulted froma fall? Credit to Linda for seeing the opportunity to help herself and others.

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