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ENABLING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION A customer value proposition

In partnership with


Organisations the world over, such as Telenet, the largest provider of cable broadband services in Belgium, are focussed on digitisation. They are repositioning their customer proposition for the digital age - making the most of digital opportunities for themselves, their

Within the Telenet value proposition, the channels

Telenet is making these changes to support its clear ambition to make life and work easier and happier for their customers. They want to enhance the way in which they can enable and inspire their customers to get the most out of their digital lives and businesses, aiming to offer the best connectivity, the best entertainment experience and the best business solutions, on the device of their choice, anytime, anywhere. This ambition is at the core of Telenet’s strategy, a strategy that will deliver a ‘Digital First’ customer experience, allowing businesses to grow and consumers to enjoy a seamless experience, creating an ever more effortless, safer, faster and more powerful experience. True to the organisational vision to lead via superior networks and platforms, Telenet is investing in the upgrade, modernisation and digitisation of the organisations eco-system. ‘Digital First’ is the engine that will drive Telenet’s success.

and customer behaviours are changing, and Telenet needs to change their business operating models to align. The mindset of the organisation must meet customers’ expectations for digital, supported with the enabling and underpinning technology in

customers, and enabling future opportunities and revenue streams for businesses they support. To meet these ambitions requires

the background. Both are equally

important in ensuring and

enabling that the right solution for both the customer and organisation is achieved.

a transformation and in many cases needs a

change in mindset. We live in a world where customer expectations are rising, they demand digital options as their channels of choice, with a clear preference for mobile first. This necessity has placed customer centricity at the heart of the approach for how best to shape the transformation. To remain relevant, and retain their drive to be innovative, Telenet has had to consider how to meet, and exceed, these new digital expectations when creating their strategy. Not unlike an industrial digital revolution, this transformation is creating business disruption at levels previously unseen, driving a demand for organisations to adapt at speed with increasing levels of agility. The Telenet strategy now requires new operating models, a change to the ways of working and a considerable investment in people change, with culture and behaviours impacted across all levels of the organisation.

This is a journey for Telenet, an education and an evolution, where they are digitising their processes to reshape their landscape and create the optimal customer experience and journey. In doing so, they are simplifying their processes by removing or automating unnecessary steps. This will create increased efficiencies and deliver a new

lower cost omni- channel footprint for the next generation, where customers self- serve and are guided by an enhanced level of personalisation.





“What makes Project One different is the high profile of the consultants, often difficult to find in other companies. Bringing the experience of doing transformation programmes in the market is very difficult. You can tell they have the

ƒ Be ready for change: ensure your business is set up to deliver the scale of change required by identifying the support you need early to help your business on its change journey. ƒ Understand the leadership that you need: bring

Project One is proud to have been a trusted partner of Telenet for the last three years, and to support the organisation and its teams to achieve their ambitions through the delivery of their ‘Digital First’ transformation. Every day we see change. With so much pressure for change through digital revolution, regulatory change and evolving customer expectations, if you’re not keeping up it doesn’t take long to fall behind. Successful change brings incredible value to your business. Change contributes to cost-saving, output efficiency and can accelerate your business to the forefront of its industry. With over twenty years’ global experience, Project One has led change across a vast number of industries and sectors, forging long-term, trusted partnerships with many household names, including Dyson, HSBC, Rolls- Royce Aviation, Harrods and AstraZeneca; we are change experts who make the complex simple. For transformation and change to be successful in your business, we have adopted these principles when leading change within Telenet:

in key people who know what works and what doesn’t, they will help to navigate through challenges, getting things right from

experience you need.” Inge Neels, Director

the outset to avoid failure. ƒ Focus on the outcome,

IT Delivery

We deliver clear, outcome- orientated team assignments and believe that communication is crucial in delivering complex change. As a result of this, our approach to communication provides regular, clear observations on outcomes and commercial indicators right across the organisation. We believe that we are different, and our partnership is based upon delivering: ƒ Expertise: we are a specialist change and transformation consulting business. ƒ Independence: we offer an independent perspective, that best serves your needs. ƒ Know-how: our experienced view helps you to achieve your goals. ƒ Vision and leadership: we shape your programme to be the very best. ƒ Clarity: we create focus and understanding across your business.

“Having a number of Project One individuals across several programmes in the business creates a community of excellence. They’re all of a certain standard of capability, and can draw on that knowledge beyond just the programme they’re working on. When you have a lot of moving parts of change happening simultaneously in an organisation as we have, it is really helpful knowing I don’t have to stitch together all those conversations, and they will connect with each other - I can have the expectation that will happen automatically.” Sam Lloyd, CIO

not the process: choosing the right partner is critical to tailor the correct approach for your business and outcomes. ƒ Exploit your core capabilities: understand the areas which really differentiate your business and prioritise them to support your transformation and change efforts. ƒ Embed full business ownership: ensure full business involvement and understanding so that change is embedded for long- term success.

Over the last three years in Telenet, our partnership has enabled Project One to make the complex simple and to drive delivery of your most difficult change. We pride ourselves on being able to offer bespoke solutions to our customers, marrying together our breadth of experience with a true understanding of your challenges and needs. Whether a large organisation needing support with complex change or an ambitious business undergoing enterprise-wide transformation, our experienced team will work shoulder-to- shoulder with our customers, every step of the way.

“What you’re good at is driving things and making decisions. You don’t try to feather your own nest but are trying to do the best thing for Telenet and trying to drive it forward. In most cases you wouldn’t know you’re not Telenet employees, which is the biggest testament you can say.” Martin Simper, VP Procurement






“I would describe Project One as a consultancy who can offer you committed, senior resources, taking benefits: we have engaged all business departments to define our approach to business change and built a Telenet team and culture to ensure that the benefits and outcomes expected from the transformation will be delivered. the lead on big and complex technology enabled business transformations, end-to- end, driving, shaping and landing results.” Barbara Arnst, VP Customer Delivery Journey. The Approach Project One has driven the programme from mobilisation, through design, technology delivery, and business readiness to ensure the changes land and stick in all areas of the organisation. We are leading an integrated team of Telenet and industry partners and have provided: ƒ Exemplary programme leadership: driving the whole programme, over a three- year duration to-date, setting the culture and behaviours for success and integrating three main partners, and a combined team of hundreds. ƒ Dynamic programme mobilisation, design and build: we have designed and implemented the overall and fit for purpose governance structures for the programme, identified and brought on board programme champions and change agents, and course corrected partners when delivery has not met expectations. ƒ Engaging business change approaches that deliver

The Outcome Transformation programmes are complex and will face challenges in their execution, our role is to mitigate the risk and when experienced we manage them and resolve them, working in partnership. There has been a significant and exceptional item that has adversely impacted the Darwin delivery timeline to date, namely the late delivery by a key supplier of a critical component of their solution. Project One worked with Telenet to firstly ensure that the issue and impact were understood by both parties to CEO level. Only then could we work with the supplier, and put in place a recovery approach, whilst communicating the downstream impact to all parties. This recovery approach extended to undertaking a process and ways of working audit at the supplier’s offshore Delivery Centre(s) to understand the key underlying causes that led to

“Project One has a very important role in bringing everything together in this programme. They listen and understand our business, and they have consultants with the personality that helps us to talk to each other, which is a real strength.” Benedikte Paulissen, Chief Customer Officer. ƒ Encouraging a ‘Customer First’ mentality: we have built into the programme culture a focus that all elements of the design are driven by a ’Customer First’ mentality. Customer experience and journey design drives all development activity, Darwin is a business-led transformation. ƒ Efficient agent journeys: we have used advanced technology capabilities to automate customer service activities where possible, and design seamless omni-channel processes for agents to most effectively serve the customer. ƒ Agile and multi-modal delivery methods: we have successfully built a multi- modal delivery model across three different technology platforms, including the ability to integrate Agile at scale with more waterfall developments. ƒ Transformation PMO set-

The Challenge Project One is leading and supporting the delivery of Telenet’s Darwin Programme, the aim of which is to enable and deliver the Telenet future digital and core systems platform, known as Origin. This is the largest and most complex transformation in the organisation’s history. Origin will enable Telenet to respond rapidly to changing customer needs and will deliver: ƒ Customer facing digital capabilities: all apps and websites for sales and customer service will be delivered through Origin for all Telenet brands. ƒ Data and insight: data & analysis capabilities across all customer & agent interactions.

ƒ Artificial Intelligence based decisioning capabilities: AI capabilities will support marketing activities to help customers get the best value from their Telenet offerings, along with optimising internal processes. ƒ Retail and contact centre channels management: Origin manages the work distribution across contact centres and delivers a new agent experience that minimises time to competence for agents and reduces cost to serve. ƒ Core BSS platform: Customer Acquisition, Customer Service and Billing Capabilities. ƒ Digital Identity Management: Single Sign-On and customer identification.

This is an end-to-end transformation of customer facing interactions and at the same time the supporting back-office functionality and processes. Origin will enable Telenet to take a more Agile approach to delivering new propositions into the market and will create process efficiencies and cost reductions across the technology platforms and customer service operations. Importantly, Origin is both omni- channel and multi-brand which gives Telenet huge flexibility across its existing brands and supports potential future acquisitions.

the late delivery issue. The introduction and deployment of the new

Origin platform will enable all customer bases in scope to be successfully migrated onto the new platform, with all of its many benefits and outcomes for Telenet and the end-customers.

up: using a blended near-shore and on- shore PMO model, Origin has a cost effective PMO that has ensured the programme delivers and provides effective overview, control and governance for the sponsor and Senior Executive team.






The Challenge OneApp, a mobile customer management app, delivers to the Telenet vision of ‘Digital First’. It supports the customers’ expectations around mobile first, making it increasingly easier for customers to get the most from Telenet products in an ‘effortless’ way, consolidating functionality from multiple existing applications supports loyalty and developing trust through a carefully curated customer experience. The development of OneApp started with a joint programme team between Telenet (based in Mechelen) and Infosys Brilliant Basics (based in London). In a short matter of time delivery stalled, the app development and enabling a seamless purchasing journey, which was expensive, and the business confidence in deliverability of their desired outcomes was low. The Approach Project One was asked to undertake a 10-day programme review, comparing the multi-million-euro OneApp Programme progress to date against six common causes of failure for this type of programme. This resulted in nineteen recommendations which we were asked to subsequently operationalise over a four-month period.

The Outcome The outcome of OneApp was: ƒ A sharper focus on the customer. ƒ A significant reduction in development costs. ƒ Quadrupling of the delivery velocity of new OneApp services to the market. These changes and the introduction of Agile ways of working have been used as a template for further delivery work across the wider Telenet e-Delivery portfolio. The improvements made to ways of working and governance have directly contributed to increased efficiency and improved people retention. More importantly, OneApp is a fun place to work and as a collective we have created a one–team ethos and adopted a new Agile delivery mindset. The team focus on goals, effectively manage changing priorities, drive team productivity and deliver a better product. We ensure the team members in Mechelen and London are aligned, making the best use of technology and ensuring regular travel between the two locations. “Project One has taught us the right way to do this, giving us future tools, facilitating and diffusing tension.” Sam Lloyd, CIO

The Challenge Aligned with the multitude of customer facing tools and technologies, Telenet aims to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and take cost out of its back-office operation through the introduction of a single cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Telenet will use this suite of software to manage day-to-day activities such as accounting, procurement, compliance and supply chain operations, all of which are the underlying support and functionality for the front-end service. The new Cloud ERP solution will deliver the future digital back-office to support Telenet’s trading business. All legacy on-premises SAP and Oracle instances will be migrated to the Oracle Fusion ERP and Supply Chain Cloud with the aim of better supporting the customer facing business through an integrated solution that will have: ƒ A set of robust, and future

The Approach Project One is providing the leadership and direction, with product expertise and insight into the delivery of the Telenet digital back-office, building a cohesive, collaborative and effective programme team across Telenet and other delivery partners. Project One has brought knowledge of the industry and supplier relationships to bear, to help Telenet get better results from their suppliers, including access to Senior Supplier executives. The team is designing the future digital back-office solution and building their detailed implementation plan, ensuring work-stream plans are fully aligned, gaps are rapidly addressed, and internal and external dependencies are identified and robustly managed, many of which reside in the other digital enabling programmes. Project One has established and implemented effective stakeholder/vendor management and communications to engage and gain buy-in and ‘pull’ directly from the business teams. “Project One has provided one of the most senior ERP consultants in Europe, with previous experience of multiple implementations in other companies, globally. When she states a point of view, people listen.” Rudy Verlinden, IT Director for ERP

The Outcome The Fusion Cloud solution will deliver: ƒ A consumer-like interface with improved analytics and agility for the business, gained through faster introduction of new functionality, for example, the ability for Telenet staff to approve requisitions through their mobile phones, a significant change in how the business will work moving forward. ƒ A solution that allows IT to keep up to date with new releases, without costly and time-consuming upgrades that require significant business investment. ƒ Cloud enables automation, allowing Telenet to transform its procurement and finance functions to be more focussed on value-add activities. ƒ More emphasis on end-users, within the office of finance managing the applications, with less reliance on specialized IT personnel. ƒ A scalable solution that will be optimised for cost, and can be easily scaled as Telenet grows. In summary, Fusion Cloud will deliver a back-office solution for Telenet that is more reliable, secure, high performing and cost-efficient, supporting agility and geared for the flexibility of the business.

Specifically, working with the programme team, we actively implemented several changes to the ways of working and the governance: ƒ Introduction of our Priority Framework to effectively manage the order of conflicting business priorities. ƒ Creation of a Business Owners Forum to set the OneApp priorities, providing the programme with the relevant direction to maintain pace of work. ƒ Resetting the Steering Committee , ensuring appropriate business input as well as assuring that delivery is effectively and efficiently managed. ƒ Appointment of a Senior Business Owner accountable for the successful delivery of OneApp and full-time Programme Manager to drive delivery. ƒ Appointment of a Senior Product Manager and owner to own the relationship with the business, the OneApp backlog and drive delivery. ƒ Moved to a Fixed Capacity commercial contract with Infosys Brilliant Basics, facilitating a shift to the full Agile delivery mindset and a lower development cost.

proofed applications, with increased automation and regular updates.

ƒ Enhanced standard

functionality and increased efficiency across all of the back-office functions. ƒ Increased application stability and scalability, with easier future maintenance.






The Challenge To enable Telenet to achieve its ‘Digital First’ vision, the organisation will require significantly more colleagues who bring digital and data skillsets and capabilities. However, there is currently a war on attracting digital and data talent, not just within Belgium, but across the world. Project One is leading the Popeye Programme, tasked with introducing and delivering the means by which digital and data capability can be grown within Telenet. The programme will deliver an employee value proposition, enabling Telenet to attract and retain the talent pool needed to create the best digital customer experience interaction. The programme objectives are to: ƒ Attract and foster a digital and data orientated pool of talent. ƒ Reduce the reliance on contingent labour. ƒ Establish a strategic partnership with

The Approach The programme explored

The Outcome Project One has: ƒ Brought niche experience in leading programmes that enabled the establishment of Partnerships such as the ones explored with Infosys, bringing together a multi-disciplinary team across Telenet HR, Finance, Legal, M&A and IT. ƒ Led the delivery of the programme and initiative, navigating through the complexity of original negotiations with Infosys to a signed contract. ƒ Delivered critical products that will be needed to achieve the objectives of Popeye, such as the Business Case that was needed to make key decisions during the programme lifecycle, agreement between stakeholders within the organisation, providing advice and guidance to ensure the vision and objectives of Popeye are understood and committed to. ƒ Led the transition and transformation associated with Popeye and the projected staffing model changes, which will be needed to ensure the changes are established to make a strong start towards its vision. Infosys and Telenet, brand, operating model and the staffing model transition programme roadmaps and plans. ƒ Engaged with key

several potential solutions with Infosys as a strategic partner. The most appropriate model was a five-year partnership agreement that brings support with flexible capacity to enable capability at scale, access to Infosys training content and the framework for developing and potentially monetizing the Telenet IP of Origin. This initiative will future-proof Telenet, invest in the capabilities of existing employees, use partners to create access to the flexible resource pool that off-shore talent can offer and reduce reliance on day-rate contractors. In addition, we are creating an opportunity to provide less privileged people the opportunity to build expertise and a career with Telenet, through its partnership with BeCode. BeCode is about building working relationships with leading Belgium Universities, developing the next generation of digital and data skills. Funding under

a supplier that would be the foundation for

supporting the Telenet ambitions

and post graduate learning. Looking at developing research and development in

and potentially to support the monetization of the

Nicolas Nolst, CIO Office Director said of Project One, “If you hire a Programme Manager, you get Programme Manager. If you work with Project One, you get senior professionals who are unique as they can deliver and advise based on their experience. As the scope changed their consultant was instrumental in leading the programme, he never gave up.”

digital and data.

Telenet IP and knowledge built-up within the Darwin Programme and Origin platform.






Governance & Control Centre – Intelligent PMO as a Service The Project One governance and control model deploys a PMO service, in partnership with Brightive. This intelligent- led service supports the Telenet digital transformation agenda across a number of the programmes, with the right level of control and governance to sit at the heart of the delivery function. Providing expertise on deep business analysis, data analysis and business process optimisation, the PMO service enables the internal team to concentrate on their day job and keep the programme honest and running in the background. Bart Delcroix, Telenet Head of PMO stated that “I remember one of the first discussions on the control centre and PMO lead activities, my first impression was ‘do we really need this’? After a few weeks, I realised it is a big added value for Telenet. The Project One PMO team create momentum, I’m not saying Telenet can’t do it, but they are involved in other things, thinking about the solution not necessarily the governance and making sure things are happening that should be. It’s added value, and it’s a strong collaboration that I see working very well between Brightive and Project One - The partnership is very powerful.” Supporting the introduction of regulatory GDPR Compliance Telenet engaged Project One to drive and lead their regulatory GDPR implementation programme, covering all IT, business and supporting functions. With 22 connected workstreams, the first major objective was to implement sufficient controls ahead of the regulatory implementation date to provide a GDPR readiness and compliance level to satisfy the Executive team, the regulators and be able to respond appropriately to customer requests.

Over 400 workshops were delivered, numerous IT systems and business processes were modified and over five million communications were made to the customers regarding privacy policy, notifications and their new rights under GDPR. The programme successfully delivered changes for Data Subject Rights, Notifications & Consent, Policies, Privacy Governance, IT Security, Data Retention, Facilities, HR, Training, Third Party Management and International Data Transfers, Privacy By Design, Inventory, Data Breach Handling, Monitoring & Auditing, Risk Management and also covered all brands (Telenet, BASE, SFR and Telenet Business), with full live operational capabilities. Further phases saw us start to embed the process and systems changes with the goal of BAU management in 2019. Some streams continued (Inventory, Third Party Management, Data Retention, Governance etc.) as more work was identified and required implementation. The GDPR Third-Party Management (3PM) Integrated Project One/ Brightive Analyst Service Team has been engaged in a major business-driven transformation programme aimed at ensuring compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, particularly with regards to all third-party vendors’ national and international personal data transfers. Upon deployment, the 3PM Team identified the lack of a formal vendor data protection management process and took responsibility to design a functional end-to-end process flow solution to mitigate our customer’s exposure. The team conducted face-to-face interviews with various stakeholders and actively built and maintained strategic relationships across key operational departments within Telenet (Procurement, Regulatory, Privacy and Legal), elicited their process requirements and consulted upon the sequencing of process activities. The result of this was a successfully produced BPMN process flow, which was presented to and accepted by the client.

Subsequent to the implemented process flow, the 3PM Team started directly engaging with Telenet’s vendors on an ongoing basis to facilitate the timely negotiation and completion of all necessary GDPR compliance documentation. The team created weekly visual project status reports for senior management to track progress, achievements, risks and issues. As of July 2019, the 3PM team has ensured the GDPR compliance of 500+ vendors, thus substantially reducing the risk of a potential third-party data breach and a subsequent fine under GDPR. Jeroen Bronselaer, SVP, Residential Marketing said “Over the course of the programme the Project One team has been a much needed and appreciated support in tackling the implementation of GDPR throughout the company. By combining overall senior project management skills, with the necessary subject matter expertise and a flexible approach, they managed to get everybody on board for this complex journey.” Understanding Workforce Management – Supply and Demand Telenet had an increasing pressure on the overall change investment budget from its ambitious transformative agenda as well as continued change required for the ongoing business. The business knew that there was a resource supply constraint, but the size of problem was not understood and could not be quantified by existing tooling solutions. Project One undertook a detailed analysis over 12-weeks, providing a clear view of the resource pools supply, demand and constraints, leaving behind the model, which remains in use today. Sam Lloyd, CIO, stated that “For the first time we have a clear view of our resource pools supply, demand and constraints. Project One did a great job of taking everyone with you.”

The Challenge Project One has worked as a trusted partner across the Telenet IT Function to drive delivery and change. Not only has Project One helped to lead the Telenet digital transformation (Darwin, OneApp, Fusion and Popeye), but has also helped to get the IT delivery function into a position where it can thrive in the future. ƒ First step: the merger of two legacy IT functions to create the new IT Delivery department. This brought together all development, test, project management and release management across the Telenet and BASE organisational teams. ƒ Second step : as the shape of the Telenet business has started to adapt to future Agile ways of working, was the creation of TIO. IT is operating very well, and it is the foundation of a successful TIO. TIO unites the T&I delivery and IT delivery functions into one TIO (Technology, Information and Operations) delivery organisation, ensuring Telenet can take the opportunities offered to them by software driven platforms and hardware visualisation. ƒ Third step: looking to the ‘bright yellow future’ would be the move to full Agile delivery. Ideally TIO working with the business focussed on the customer and delivering new and enhanced products in the market place rapidly. That is where the future opportunity is.

The Approach IT Leadership

The Outcome The role proved to be of enduring value, running for over two years. Werner Breckx, Manager eDevelopment stated that “The biggest benefit I found of working with Project One has been bringing skills we don’t have and upskilling our internal capability. We have become friends. Your team are all as experienced as each other, but also have different skills, having a team across different programmes means you bounce off each other.” Establishing Technology, Working with a wider Telenet team, Project One has helped establish the new TIO function, bringing together IT and T&I into one broader organisation. Establishing TIO is an initial step to the migration to an organisational Agile way of working, aligning to the wider Telenet Nimbl initiative. The catalyst for the change is the creation of the CTIO role on the Telenet Senior Leadership Team. TIO will be established on 1st September 2019, maintaining existing departmental interfaces and ways of working, maintaining existing operations ways of working and ensuring a co- Information and Operations (TIO)

Leading the merger of two legacy IT functions to create the new IT Delivery department, Project One provided an interim director to lead and run the new department and manage the integration of the previously 10 disparate teams and to manage and renegotiate three supplier rates and contracts, on, near and offshore. Managing 700 staff in the department, developing strong commitment to the brand, low attrition and a deep sense of team spirit. Providing additional value, the role subsequently expanded to: ƒ Inspire the future IT ways of working, operating model and sourcing strategy. ƒ Manage an Agile harmonisation programme and moved the development work to more Agile ways of working, ultimately setting up 48 sustainable Agile squads. ƒ Sponsor the first end-to- end Agile delivery through the Telenet webshop development which won the Belgian retailer of the year award in the telecom category, 2018.

ƒ Manage a

multimodal release environment with 270 releases to production per annum, controlled and with minimal post go-live issues.

creation approach of TIO with existing staff.



TELENET DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – IN PARTNERSHIP WITH PROJECT ONE ENABLING DIGITAL FIRST When Telenet engaged Project One as a trusted partner you got more than just good


“All consultancies say they ‘tailor to the customer’ in a typical pitch. But working with Project One this is actually the first time this has really happened!” Barbara Arnst, VP Customer Delivery Journey

Seeing and hearing this digital transformation storyboard set out in the round is nothing short of impressive. Organisational strategies and visions are often set and the focus moves on to the individual programme delivery elements, and we never take the time to stand back and look at what has been achieved. In a relatively short period of time, across three years, Project One is proud to have played its part as a trusted partner in enabling your vision for ‘Digital First’. As a partner, Project One believes that the level of value-add that we can bring to bear is far more than just delivering change and transformation programmes for you, our customer. In delivering your programmes we endeavour to cross your organisational boundaries to affect the right outcome. We act as the glue, ensuring that we work together as a team at a higher level, bringing the component elements together through the power of our team. It is our culture and our way of working where we join the dots and help solve the complex challenges that are not written down. We use our independence to enable us to step-back and to use our capability to drive the right outcome to a conclusion. We have the team with a real depth of experience and insight to be able to provide our point of view, even when it is a tough message to deliver.

people who deliver your programmes, we help you achieve your enterprise and strategic objectives, thereby enabling your ambitions. You have multiple programmes that work towards your ‘Digital First’ ambition, and with a small team of Project One consultants on site, and a mixed on/near share PMO we have provided the support that has been critical to underpinning your success. We are proud of what we have enabled you to achieve, having worked across your organisation, pulling together the various parts of your organisation to deliver a step change, a true business transformation. We look forward to working with you and continuing to support the delivery of your change agenda to realise your huge ambitions for many years to come.

Deliver Change


o r i g


• Shaping Change: ensuring strategic ambitions are translated into clear, actionable and achievable change. • Delivering Change: ensuring change is set-up for success and remains on track, delivering the required business outcomes. • Improving Change: improving your own organisation’s change capability. • Digital Change: delivering the foundations that will drive your digital strategy.


real change • real difference

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