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UNLIMITED You 5 FITNESS TRENDS FROM 2017 ... And Where We’re Headed Next

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The Truth About Detoxes Revealed! I’m willing to bet, with the new year, you tried doing a detox. Maybe one of those 3 day juice cleanses that are all the rage right now? If so, or if you have considered doing a detox, you need to listen up. Doing a detox for three days isn’t going to give you an kind of lasting results. But you knew that right? There’s no way that doing something for 3 days is going to a lasting, positive effect on your health. That’s why in my upcoming book “The Unlimited You Detox”,I have a specific chapter debunking all of the myths people believe about detoxes and what they actually should be used for. I want to give you a quick preview of that chapter as January is the month of new health resolutions - I want you to be armed with correct information that can transform your health for the entire year (and the rest of your life), not just for the 3 days. Put your learning cap on because I’m going to school you on the truth about detoxes by debunking the most popular myth about detoxing! Here’s the myth: Detoxing is just about food. So what do I mean by that? Detoxing is about more than just what enters your body via your mouth. In fact, I’m willing to say that the other two aspects of a real detox are more important than the food. Those being your mental health and your environmental health . Let’s talk about the mental side of it for a second. It is incredibly hard to see change if you believe that you deserve what you currently have. The first step of any successful detox must be changing the mind of the person to believe that not only can they be healthy, they actually deserve to be healthy. And that’s why the detox in my book starts with your mental health. Remember, everything is connected, and the way you talk to yourself about your body plays a huge role in both the results you see and how long those results stay with you. My book “The Unlimited You Detox” is on sale now! Go grab your FREE copy (just cover the shipping) by visiting www.UnlimitedYouDetox.com. FROM THE DESK OF Dr. Henry

The words“trend”and“fad”are often used interchangeably in the fitness world (as well as everywhere else). But do we even know the difference? According to Dictionary.com, a trend is“the general course or prevailing tendency,” whereas a fad is“a temporary fashion, notion, or manner of conduct.” Unlike fads, then, fitness trends show us where our workouts are headed and how to improve them. Each year, the American College of Sports and Medicine conducts a survey of worldwide fitness trends to help identify those that have a“perceived positive impact in the industry.”Based on feedback from thousands of fitness professionals from across the globe, here are the top five fitness trends of 2017. Wearable Technology Ranked No. 1 despite having emerged on the fitness scene only a few years ago, wearable technology— including activity trackers, GPS devices, and heart rate monitors—hasn’t somuch changed the way we work out as it has provided enthusiasts motivation to keepmoving. Activity trackers, like Fitbit wristbands, keep us accountable and show us our progress. Wearable technology in the formof smart fabrics and interactive textiles is only in its infancy. From light-up shorts (to help identify runners in low-light conditions) to fabrics that control muscle vibration (to improve athletic performance), designers are exploring the limits of our athletic wear. Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, a professor at Pratt Institute, says,“What makes smart fabrics revolutionary is that they have the ability to domany things that traditional fabrics cannot, including communicate, transform, conduct energy, and even grow.” What Does This Mean forYou? This steady rise in popularity means developers will probably work out kinks, and apps and devices will run even smoother, all of which translates to better workouts!

- Tamika Henry

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