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C I V I L I Z A T I O N ' S M O S T

W e h a v e reached an hour in the history of civil­ ization which I believe is one of the most crucial mankind has ever been called upon to face. W e are living in an age in which we see the accumu­ lative consequences of the defects inherent in human nature com ing to their climax. Today when you talk to men in the business world, the scientific world, the field of economics, politics or whatever it may be, you find that most thinking, serious-minded people agree that present circumstances are such that they cannot continue very much longer without precipitating a crisis on the greatest scale humanity has ever known. I am convinced that the solution is to be found in the application of true Christianity to the lives of individuals and nations. The world o f today is divided into two great opposing camps. In one are the individuals and na­ tions whose philosophy of life is wholly materialistic, who not on ly reject spiritual and moral values, but who have become openly aggressive in their repudia­ tion of all things that in any way recognize the sovereignty o f God, the deity of Jesus Christ and the true Christian w ay o f life. In the other camp are those who still retain at least a nominal recogni­ tion of spiritual and moral values. These are the remaining peoples and nations which today comprise our so-called Christian civilization. I use the word “ so-called” purposely, for one o f the great tragedies of this generation is the fact that so much of our

so-called Christian civilization is entirely undeserv­ ing of the name. What are w e going to do about it? It is clear that the solution lies in a return to the place where we make our professed Christianity real. When I say “ make our Christianity real,” I mean, in the first place, make it personal— take it out of the realm of mere abstract ideologies and bring it down to the basis o f a personal, heart relationship with Jesus Christ as a real living Saviour and Divine Lord. Let’s stop merely calling ourselves Christians and do the things that need to be done. Let us get the Bible down from the shelf and give the counsel of God its rightful place o f priority in our lives and homes, and in the councils of our land. In recent years, Alberta has become known inter­ nationally as the great oil producing Province of Canada, but every time I look at an oil well and see the pump going up and down and the oil flowing from the pipe, I say to myself, “ Some day that well will be pumped dry, but there is a cruse of oil which w ill never run dry, but which will flow on forever and ever.” W e should be anxious for people to know about that oil which in the lamp of God’s W ord produces a light that shines across the darkness of this world that men may find their way to Jesus Christ, the One W h o alone can save and W h o can solve their problems, whatever they may be. Available for distribution from the American Tract Society, 513 West 166th Street, New York 32, N.Y.



A publication of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc. Louis T. Talbot, Chancellor

S. H. Sutherland, President

Ray A. Myers, Chairman of the Board

SEPTEMBER, in the year of our Saviour

Vol. 51, No. 9

Nineteen Hundred and Sixty

Established 1910

Dedicated to the spiritual development of the Christian home

t e k CIVILIZATION'S MOST CRUCIAL HOUR — Ernest Mannin 9 ......... 3 SCHOOL DAYS — Martin R. DeHaan .................................................. 10 A PURPOSE IN LIFE — Bobby Richardson ........................................ 13 SLEEPING SICKNESS EPIDEMIC STRIKES OUR YOUTH — Norman Townsend ..................................................................... 14 WHO SPEAKS FOR GOD? — Vance Havner ........................................ 16 WELDING BODIES AND SOULS — Carl Blumay ................................. 20 THE DOCTRINE OF THE RESURRECTIONS — Albert T. Lindsey .... 23 THE GOOD OR THE BEST — Wilbur E. Nelson ................................. 25 WHY HASN'T GOD LEARNED OUR LANGUAGE? — Betty Stevens 44 HYMNS YOU LOVE — Phil Kerr ......................................................... 22 DR. TALBOT'S QUESTION BOX — Louis T. Talbot ......................... 28 TALKING IT OVER — Clyde M. Narramore ...................................... 30 PERSONAL EVANGELISM — Benjamin Weiss ................................... 31 UNDER THE PARSONAGE ROOF— Althea S. Miller ....................... 32 THE CHRISTIAN HOME — Paul Bayles ............................................. 33 WORLD NEWSGRAMS — James O. Henry ...................................... 34 SCIENCE AND THE BIBLE — Bolton Davidheiser .............................. 35 BOOK REVIEWS — Arnold Ehlert ......................................................... 36 JUNIOR KING'S BUSINESS — Martha S. Hooker ............................ 38 ALUMI NEWS — Inez McGahey ........................................................... 43 Cdmm READER REACTION ...................................................................................... 5 PEOPLE IN THE NEWS ............................................................................... 6 NUGGETS OF GOLD ................................................................................. 27 HOMILETICAL HELPS .......... 29 OBJECT LESSONS ................................ 40 TOWN AND CAMPUS NEWS ................................. 42 W l This month's scenic cover is taken along the sandy beach near Santa Cruz, California. This beautiful city of the Golden State is located near the Mount Hermon Conference Grounds (seven miles inland), and broadcasts of the Bible Institute Hour are heard over KSCO in the community. All Rights Reserved — A MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR — Samuel H. Sutherland ......... 8

THE CAMBRIDGE CAMEO King James Version Convenient in size, easy to read, the superb Cameo Teachers’ Bible has these important aids: 1. CenterReferences 2. Famous Cambridge Concordance 3. NewMaps andGazetteer 4. Concise Biblical Encyclopedia 3. Dictionaryof persons andplaces 6. Harmony of the Gospels 7. Articles on eachBook 8. Weights, measures andcoinage Ask for the Cambridge Cameo Bible at your bookstore CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS _>—- The World's Oldest Bible Publisher _____

S. H. SUTHERLAND: Editor AL SANDERS: Managing Editor


JA N E M. CLARK: Circulation Manager

EDITORIAL BOARD Irene Boyd, Bolton Davidheiser, Arnold D. Ehlert, Charles L. Feinberg, James O. Henry Martha S. Hooker, Oran H. Smith, Gerald B. Stanton

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A D V ER TISIN G — for information address the Advertising Manager, The King's Business, 558 South Hope Street, Los Angeles 17, California. MANUSCRIPTS — "The King's Business" cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to manuscripts mailed to us for consideration. Second-class postage paid at Los A n­ geles, California. Printed in U.S.A. by Church Press, Glendale, California. ADDRESS: The King's Business, 558 So. Hope St., Los Angeles 17, California.



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reader reaction



I want to congratulate you for your message and evaluation of the “ Protestant Council on Roman Catholicism.” I am in most hearty accord with your views. I too was shocked when I read the news release from this council. I am disappoint­ ed that those who participated did not come out 100% for our Protestant-Re- formation heritage. To my way of think­ ing there can never be a meeting of minds from these two widely separated groups. I am becoming more and more dis­ tressed when I sea the gradual letting down of the bars on the part of some of our evangelical brethren. Is there going to be a compromise in this area as there has been in that of the liberal branch of Protestantism? If so, God help us! (I say this reverently, but most sincerely.) R®v. Alton F. Olsen, Grace Reformed Episcopal Church, Scranton, Pennsylvania. Thank God for your bold and true state­ ments. We are shocked that such funda­ mental leaders of the Protestant faith should make fools of themselves by such a declaration. I am a Protestant Presby­ terian minister and know first hand that the Roman Catholic Church will never change its false boasts and claims. Rev. H. P. Dunlop, Long Beach, California. When we read your Editorial in the July issue of THE KING’S BUSINESS, we just said, “Well, praise the Lord!” We are thankful that you have taken this strong stand in print against this issue of compromise by evangelical Protestants. Also, we are most thankful for the print­ ing of the letter by Mary Lyons, who was saved out of the Satanic cult of Seventh- day Adventism. W e have known for a long time, from personal relations with this cult, that it is the most diabolically subtle of all the cults. Mrs. Mixpah Woffenden, Pasadena, California. I want to tell you how greatly I ad­ mired your editorial in THE KING’S BUSINESS. This was so good and help­ ful! Mrs. F. "Mother M a c " McOuat, Santo Ana, California. I want to commend you for your edi­ torial. This page really strikes home! The* evaluation you gave the report of the Protestant Council on Roman Catholicism is very thorough and significant. The growing attitude of “ new-Evangeli- calism” is becoming more clearly defined at this time, and those men you referred to seem to be expressing it more frequent­ ly- I think your editorial is a real contri­ bution to our fundamental position. Lowell C. Wendt, Notional President, Inde­ pendent Fundamental Churches of America, Chicogo, Illinois. (Mr. Wendt is also pastor of the Hope Union Church of Rosemead , California.) SEXUAL PURITY I congratulate you on your frankness (continued on next page)

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DO YOU PRESENTLY FIT INTO ONE OF THESE "UNFORTUNATE*' CATEGORIES? • Has the high cost of living forced you into a lesser profession after you prepared your­ self for fulltime Christian endeavor? • Do you represent a product, company 01 service that you can't honestly and com­ pletely believe in? • Are you convinced that you could serve Christ and your fellow man in some other capacity much better? • Have you reached a "plateau” in your pres­ ent job? 9 0 % OF THE HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL MEN OF OUR PROGRAM FIT INTO ONE OF THESE CATEGORIES PRIOR TO JOINING USI YOU, and you ALONE, need to answer just this O NE simple question —— IS THERE A N Y ­ THING M O R E IM P O R T A N T TH AN PLACING CHRIST'S ETERNAL M ESSAG E IN THE HOM ES The Audio Library Program is attracting suc­ cessful Christians from all w alks of life by the hundreds! Each of these men have turned to the Program because for the first time they know rhat they are performing a vital Chris­ tian ministry while am ply providing for their families.

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PAUL J. MEYER, National Sales Director AUDIO LIBRARY PROGRAM P. O. 1790, Waco, Texas Dear Mr. Meyert You have given me reason to stop and think about my life and my work. I believe that I would like to know more about a true Christian field where I con be of service to mankind and at the same time provide handsomely for myself and ray family. Please send me full information on this Program you coll “ The Greatest Business in the World." Kg .9



CITY-.____________________ I would be more interested i Work (Please check one).

.STATE. Q Full Time Work Q Port Time



LETTERS (coni.) in publishing the article on Sexual Purity in your July issue (“ The Christian Home,” by Paul Bayles). We, as Americans and as Christians, need to face this problem squarely. Can God continue to bless this nation if these things happen even in “ Christian circles” ? The amount of porno­ graphic literature that is handled through our mails staggers the mind and saddens the heart. It’s time we called sin, sin, and fight it with every ounce of our strength. Normon M. Kensington, Portland, Oregon. S.D.A. OPEN LETTER Praise the Lord and Hallelujah! Some­ one has finally told the truth! Mary Lyons, having been once on the side of error and brought out into the glorious light and freedom of our wonderful Saviour, apparently knows what Walter Martin and Dr. Donald Grey Bamhouse refuse to acknowledge. Thank you so much for printing this letter in your magazine (July, 1960). Mrs. George L. Corneal, Pasadena, California. PROPHECY I am glad for your good and clear pre­ sentation of “ The Thousand Years Reign of Christ” as presented in THE KING’S BUSINESS (Dr. Talbot, July, 1960). Keep up the good work, and may the Lord bless you. R. I. Humberd, The Humberd Press, Flora, Ind. HOMEGOING OF POETESS Thank you for the many poems and articles you have pripted by Mrs. Helen Frazee-Bower, who went home to be with the Lord June 25. Her passing leaves a great void for us who remain for a time. As one saint said when informed of her home-going, “ They are singing the ‘Halle­ lujah Chorus’ in heaven for Helen.” The illustration of her poem “ Land of the Free,” in the July issue was lovely. Unfortunately she did not get to see this —but she knows about it now! With kindest regards and best wishes to the other members of your editorial staff. William M. Bower, Long Beach, California. Your article “ I Remember Father,” by Helen Frazee-Bower (June, 1960), was a great blessing to all of us. It woke us up. W e are growing apart; our family altar has ceased to be. The Lord has melted our hearts through this heart-searching article. Mrs. H. E. Mallett, Cupertino, California. SUGGESTION FOR SERIES Last year I had occasion to read Charles Spurgeon’s seven volumes of “ The Trea­ sury of David.” They were printed some­ time in the early 1800’s, I believe. Could you, each month, print a Psalm or two with Spurgeon’s study of it? I believe there has been an abridged version re­ cently printed. Couldn’t you publish the original? They now seem to be out of print. I have been looking for a set. Elizabeth Krivak, Hazelton, Pennsylvania. W e received a great blessing from the dedicated men of God who help to com­ pile the magazine. May God direct and guide each of you as you carry on until our Saviour returns. Mrs. Joe P. Bradley, Dallas, Texas.

December 4-11 at the Moody Church in Chicago. Theme for the week will be “ Facing the Unfinished Task.” Dr. Paul E. Freed, president of Trans World Radio, announced the instal­ lation of a 100,000 watt transmitter in the Monte Carlo site of the organi­ zation. Plans call for programs to begin on a regular schedule this month in 28 different languages. The

Mr. C. Stacey Woods has resigned as general secretary of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. He has been associated with the work since 1936. His work in the future will be cen­ tered largely with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. Mr, Eugene Boyer, evangelist with the Pocket Testament League, reports that Ganges, a town of 5,000 in South­ ern France, has had a revived interest in Protestantism. Mr. John Jesberg, PTL representative in France, has set up campaigns for other towns sur­ rounding Paris. In recent meetings, Mrs. Marj Saint, widow of martyred Nate Saint, participated in a number of the meetings. Dr. H. H. Halley, author of the well- known Bible Handbook, has revealed that publishing rights have been ac­ quired by the Zondervan Publishing House of Grand Rapids. The book, in its 22nd edition, has recently passed the 1,000,000 mark in distri­ bution. It was started 36 years ago and now contains more than 960 pages. Mr. Herb Jauchen, Mr. Herb Jauchen Robert Walker, presi­ dent. The firm publishes “ Christian Life,” “ Choice” and “ Christian Book­ sellers” magazines. Dr. John B. Marchbanks, president of Southern Bible Book House, has re­ vealed that the company has with­ drawn from the publishing business through its sale to Loizeaux Brothers of New York City. The Southern firm has published such classic volume as The Annotated Bible, by Dr. Arno C. Gaebelein. Clyde S. Kilby, chairman of the de­ partment of English and literature at Wheaton College, will head the Fifth Annual Writer’s conference to be held on the campus October 14-15. Others participating will be Mr. Joseph Bayly, former editor of “His” magazine. Ad­ ditional information is available from the College. Rev. J. O. Percy and Rev. C. Gordon Beacham , co-directors of the Congress on World Misions, have announced that special meetings will take place advertising director of “ Christian Life” magazine, has been elevated t o vice- president of the or­ ganization accord­ ing to an announce­ ment made by Mr. D . . u , ..

Gospel Radio from Monte Carlo imposing radio structure was built by Hitler during the German occupation of Monacco. His purpose was to use the facility to spread Nazi propagan­ da around the world. Today it will be used for the Gospel message. Mr. H. J. Taylor, chairman of the Laymen’s Sponsoring Committee of the Greater Chicago Billy Graham Crusade, has announced a month long series to be held in the midwest metropolis in 1962. Sunday meetings will be conducted in massive Soldiers Field. COSTA RICAN GOSPEL BOOKSTORE GOES DOWNTOWN Passers-by on San Jose’s busiest street stop to view something they haven’t • seen before — a downtown Christian bookstore— as result of re­ location of Latin America Mission’s “ Editorial Caribe” store, dedicated June 11. Literature ministries of mis­ sion include San Jose publishing house, which sends gospel literature all over Spanish speaking world, plus, strategic bookstores in Panama, New York City, and Costa Rica.





Mr. Wilmer C. Surber, Nashville, has been appointed Public Relations Rep­ resentative for Broadman Press. He was formerly city editor for the Nashville Banner. Rev. Stephen F. Oi­ di®*^ ' ford, pastor of the " Calvary B a p t i s t Church of New York City, was spe- Olford called for delegates to “ return to the New Testament principle of progress.” Rev. Stephen Olford Miss Helen Keller has been elected a life member of the American Bible Society at the organization’s recent annual meeting. The ABS this year observes its 125th anniversary of work among the blind. More than 17,650,- 000 copies of the Scriptures have been distributed throughout the world in 1959 by the Society Dr. Clate A. Risley, d e c l a r e d that the theme for 1960’s National S u n d a y School Week will be, “Vote for Sun­ day School.” The observance is slated for September 25 to October 2. Featured speakers for the NSSA’s National Convention in St. Louis October 12-14 will be: Dr. Clyde W. Meadows, president of the Interna­ tional Society of Christian Endeavor; Dr. W. A. Criswell, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas; Dr. Theodore H. Epp, founder-director of the “ Back to the Bible Broadcast” ; and Rev. Bert Webb, president of NSSA. Mr, Peter F. Gunther, director of Moody Literature Mission, has been named board chairman of the Evan­ gelical Literature Overseas. The ELO has also declared October 9 to be World Literature Sunday in churches. The purpose is to stress the need for evangelical printed materials to be placed in the hands of men and wom­ en around the world. Dr. Howard Vos, textbook editor of Moody Press, and Dr. Charles Pfeif­ fer, professor of Old Testament at Gordon Divinity School, have spent the summer months in the Near East gathering materials for a new book on the historical geography of Bible lands to be published soon by Moody Press. . cial speaker during H the recent 1 0 t h Baptist World Con­ gress meeting in Rio de Janeiro. Mr. executive secretary of the N a t i o n a l Sunday School As­ s o c i a t i o n has

You may select your own child from the pic­ tures herein and become a sponsor of one of these dear Korean orphan children. (You may ask a friend to be co-sponsor with you— $4 each). Each child has a heartbreaking story. For instance, number 1-E Kim Soon Han was bom March 25, 1948. His father, a farmer, was conscripted as a laborer at the front lines dur­ ing the Korean war and was killed in 1951. Later his mother was bombed to death!

Soon Han had no choice but to beg for food and rags of cloth­ ing, sleep under bridges, in R.R. stations or under the stars. How, while suffering indescrib­ ably from hunger, exposure and loneliness, this child man­ aged to stay alive for years, no one will ever know.

RESCUED FROM DESPA IR Now he is cared for in our New Life Christian Orphanage near Masan City, which is in desper­ ate need of many new sponsors. Each child is waiting to have an American or Canadian “ Daddy and Mommie” ! For only $8 a month— just 26

pennies a day—you or your Sunday School, Bible Class, Junior Church, Ladies Group, etc., will help bring Christ to your chosen boy or girl and train him to be a Christian leader in Korea. This $8 provides all the needs of the child, including the school tuition which is not free in Korea. The ESEA is caring for over 5000 orphans, children of lepers and war widows. Over 6 million meals are served each year. Many more children are in desperate need, homeless, ragged and hungry. Help us expand our 65 Homes. Each one is a real Christian institution. All Staff and Board members are earnest Bible-believing Chris­ tians. Korea’s severe winter will soon be on. W ill you help us so that we may take many more children off the streets and into our Homes? God will bless you if you will. Write or phone NOW!

THE EVERETT SWANSON EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION, INC. 4848 North Leonard Drive, Chicago 31, Illinois

,------------------------------- -- - CLIP A N D M A IL TO D A Y ----------- I □ YES I want to sponsor an orphan for one year. My choice is Number ---------- ---------------------- | If this child has already been “ adopted,’’ I agree to support another whom you will select. I With God’s help I will send $8 a month to your office. Please let me have my child’s name, I picture, address and story. I understand I may continue as long as I wish. Enclosed is support I for Q first month, Q full year. SEND FULL PARTICULARS. | Q I cannot “ adopt” a child, but want to help by giving $----------------- ------ ----------------- -------— - I | Q Please send me further information. I Name......... ..............................................—........-.....—......................— .......................................................................— * I Address.... ------ a---------------...~— ------- .......................— - —............. ............................. .................... ~............... | . city ........................ ri 111 r ...........................................Zone..........State..........................——*...................— — --------- I • Gifts of any amount are welcome. All gifts and sponsorings are income tax deductible. | THE EVERETT SWANSON EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION, INC. ACo^ r^ t I Dept. K-9, 4848 North Leonard Drive, Chicago 31, Illinois, Telephone: GLadstone 6-4181 ]


JULY, 1960

A Fresh Approach to the Responsibilities of Church Administration A MINISTERING CHURCH by Gaines S. Dobbins Church administration is at the heart o f the total ministry o f the pastor. He must learn to administer as well as to preach or counsel. Dr. Dobbins says, “ The picture of the active minister preaching on Sunday morning to a passive congregation gives way to that o f an active con­ gregation inspired and led by a preacher-administrator.” An excel­ lent guide to more effective, more creative church leadership. $3,95 . . . and by the same author BUILDING BETTER CHURCHES A guide for pastors and church workers, dealing with every phase of church life, organization, and growth. $3.75 THE CHURCHBOOK Workable suggestions for guiding organized church activity, offering help on practically every subject to be faced in leading a church pro­ gram. $3 .00 Order from your favorite bookseller BROADMAN PRESS Nashville 3 , Tennessee

A MESSAGE by: Samuel H.

from the editor Sutherland

re: Immortality One of the most intriguing questions which can engage the attention of men is this : "If a man die, shall he live again?" In a recent issue of The Reader’s Digest there appeared a symposium on the subject, "Why I Be­ lieve in Imm or ta li ty ." Those who contributed to this discussion were promi­ nent individuals in public life. W i t h ou t exception, these leaders e xp ressed their conviction that the souls of men live on after death. This confidence as

expressed in their statements was based, in large measure, upon the human concept of what God could be expected to do. One of the writers summed up the matter by stating, "This earth furnishes no full draught of the cup of life but a sip of love, beauty, character and truth, and if death ends all, the cup is, as it were, ironically withdrawn. A trust­ worthy God would not behave like that. " Another concluded, "I prefer to believe he (man) lives on after death, con­ tinuing in a larger sphere, in cooperation with his Maker, the work he had here begun." Yet another stated, "My per­ sonal belief in immortality has been immeasurably strength­ ened by phsyical research." In contrast with all of these ideas which were purely man-made, it is reassuring indeed for the child of God to read the Word of God and to know the certainty of "thus saith the Lord." It is more than a little presumptuous for an individual, depending upon his human reasoning, to claim to know what an infinitely holy and infinitely loving God will do or will not do. In the final analysis, we have no way whatever by natural reason of coming to a conclusion as to what God is going to do under any given set of circum­ stances. We are finite in our knowledge and comprehen­ sion, and God is infinite in His. However, although we cannot possibly determine what is in the mind of God, we should be profoundly thankful that He has chosen to reveal His truth, including that which deals with the life beyond, and to give us the record of it in His Word, our Bible. We, as Christians, have this THE KIN G 'S BUSINESS

firm conviction of immortality, no,t because of what we think "a trustworthy God" would or would not do in regard to our future but because of what He Himself has revealed to us that He has already done and will yet do. Our belief in immortality is based solely and entirely upon the re­ vealed Word of God. God, in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ, said, "I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself ; that where I am, there ye may be also" (John 14:2-3). And God, the Holy Spirit, speaking through the Apostle Paul, said, "The dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord" (I Thess. 4:16-17). Furthermore, our Lord declared in the best-known verse of the Bible, John 3:16, concerning Him­ self as Saviour: "That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." Again, He said, "He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life ; and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life ; but the wrath of God abideth on him" (John 3:36). It is disconcerting to note that the natural man always conceives God to be a kindly disposed "grandfatherly type" who is going to receive everybody to Himself regardless of the manner of life that has been lived upon this earth. Nothing could be farther from the truth. As a matter of fact, there are two destinations awaiting mankind. One destination is heaven, described throughout Scripture as a place resplendent beyond compare where all of those re­ deemed through the precious blood of Christ will be forever in the presence of their Lord. The other destination is a place for the unredeemed, referred to in the Scripture as hell. It is described in the Bible in terms that cause one to shudder in horror as he reads of its nature. It is a place prepared for the devil and his angels, but, alas, any human being who chooses to go there may do so. But God in His love has prepared a way so that men need not go to hell at all. They must by-pass the cross of Calvary in order to do so. Yet, if they choose their own way rather than the way God has provided, they must accept the results. "Marvel not at this," we read in John 5:28-29, "for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear His voice, And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life ; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation." It is wonderful, beyond words, to be able to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our own personal Lord and Saviour. And it is also wonderful beyond words to know that we have immor­ tality because He has told us so. We have never-dying spirits which will live either in heaven or hell forever and forever, and that destiny must be decided here and now by our personal answer to the question Pilate asked over nineteen hundred years ago: "What then shall I do with Jesus who is called the Christ?" (Matthew 27:22).

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| Address.

State or • City__________________________Province. IN C R EA SE YOUR IN COM E


SE P T E M B E R , 1 *6 0

"Train up a child in the ww

S c h o o l days are here again, and before long millions of our youth, boys and girls, will begin wending their way to thousands of grade schools and high schools. To most of these it will not be a new thing, but for many thousands it will be a brand new experience, an im­ portant milestone in their lives, as they enter kindergar­ ten or the first grade. For the first time in their lives they will leave the shelter of the home and the constant care of mother, to be entrusted to the custody, for several hours each day, of strangers. Much will depend upon the new teacher, but the future of these children has already been largely determined by the years they spent at home before they entered school. The conduct of that child in school, its manners, obedience, politeness, and coopera­ tion will reveal the homes from which these little ones come. A school teacher, whose interest in her pupils went far beyond the matter of a mere job for a living, said that she could give a fairly accurate and detailed description of the home of every one of her pupils after having them in her room only one day. These little ones, five years old or less, told the entire story of the homes from which they came by their actions, attitude and conduct in the school room, as they reflected the atmosphere of the family from which they came. Most Important Years I make bold to say that in the formation of character the most important time of a person’s life is the first five or six years, while the child is under the constant care and protection of the home. Here it is that character is determined. Neglect during these first few years can never be completely overcome. Subsequent training may correct it in a measure, but its influence can never be obliterated. Sin is like a disease, beginning incipiently arid becoming more difficult to cure the longer it is neg­ lected. It is like a weed in a garden, easily uprooted when small, but unmanageable when allowed to grow to matur­ ity. A child is bom with the depraved nature of father Adam with all the possibilities of sin already present. It is not the business of the school to convert our children or teach them spiritual things. That is the business of the home. It cannot be left to others, not even the church. You parents passed on to your children that sinful nature, and it is your job to take care of it. What a tragedy, therefore, when mothers with small children will leave the burden of care and training of these little ones to others, while they are occupied or employed away from home for a few paltry dollars, while neglecting the prec­ ious trust given to them as parents of these precious lives. Only Neglect Them The importance of those early tender years, while a child is still completely under mother’s and father’s care, finds its root in the fact that babies are not bom “ little saints” and then later through bad example may develop into “ big sinners.” Mother’s “ little angel” has by nature more of the Devil in him than an angel, as many a doting, indulgent mother has found out to her own grief. While we would not underestimate the value of good example, it is not enough; there must be' positive in­ struction as well. Solomon says: . . . a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame (Prov. 29:15). This is but the negative way of stating the positive, as given in Proverbs 22:6,






by Dr. Martin R. DeHaan




)e should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” — p ™ 226

imparting to the child the things the race has learned through long years of experience and experiment, and recorded for our benefit. Education is, therefore, only one element in “ training.” In the original, the word “ train” means “ to make narrow.” It means, therefore, to condense into one narrow stream all the waters spread out over a wide expanse. It implies concentration, and from this it comes to mean to “ dedicate,” or to devote everything to one single purpose. Webster gives the definition of the verb “train” as follows: “ To instruct by exercise; drill, educate; draw along; form to a proper shape; discipline or tame for use; to prepare for a definite task, as specialized work or ath­ letic feats.” From this we see the wide field this word covers. In the Bible sense, therefore, it means to “ prepare” a child by precept, example, education, discipline and instruction, not only for this life, but especially the life to come. We may sum up the three elements in “training” as: Education - Example - Discipline The part of education, in its narrow sense, as distin­ guished from example and disciple, is to bring the knowl­ edge of the past and the discoveries of history in every field of human experience to the child by orally relating them, and teaching the child to read and obtain for him­ self this knowledge from books, pictures and illustrations. But merely instructing a child and then leaving him to make his own way and choice is spiritually fatal, and so the knowledge we wish to impart must be acted out and by experiment proved to be true and reliable. The func­ tion of the school is to impart the knowledge of the past and present in the field of the arts and sciences, history, economics and all other matters, by teaching the child to understand language and to read the records. The func­ tion of the Christian home, and to a less effective degree the church, is to impart the revelation of God, and the knowledge of salvation as set forth in the Bible, the Word of God. Must Be Proved But this knowledge must be proved and be able to pass the test. In our classes in physics and chemistry we were taught that certain reactions took place when cer­ tain elements were mixed according to prescribed formu­ las. And then to prove these theories, we went to the laboratory and mixed these elements, and found that what we had been told was true, for “it worked.” So too, we may teach our children the things about God and Christ and salvation, but we must also be able to demon­ strate it in the laboratory of the home, and in our daily life. And so we come to the second important ingredient in Christian training—EXAMPLE. A child is a born imitator, and very early begins to emulate what he sees in others. “ Like father, like son,” is true in a wider sense than heredity and genetics. These determine the fixed elements of physical similarity and mental capacities and emotional stability; but character, habits, and actions are also largely influenced by what they hear and see in others. And since a child sees more of father and mother during the first few years of life, he will be affected by his parents more than by anyone else. If you are a real Christian, your children will see it (concluded on next page)

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he w ill not depart from it (Prov. 22:6). The word “ child” used in these verses, and occurring as the word “Nahar” in the Hebrew Bible some sixteen times, almost invariably refers to a young child of tender age, and not to an adolescent or teen-ager whose habits and character have already largely been fixed. It refers particularly to a child in the home, and especially before it comes under the influence of others in the school and in company with others. As you watch that little one trundle off to school in a few days, or you accompany him to meet the teacher, remember this: what the school will do for that child depends not nearly so much upon how that teacher will influence him, as upon the things he has already absorbed at home, never to be lost; and the record inscribed by you with indelible ink upon the parchment of that child’s mind before he spent his first day at school is of utmost importance. When that child makes the first trip to school, it means that your influ­ ence in the life of that child is reduced to an alarming degree. Not only will he be out of your sight and control for several hours a day, but in this hectic age of jazz with its myriads of extra activities of a social and recreational nature, the hours not in school are also preoccupied. You will never again have the opportunity of influencing that life in the degree and effectiveness of those pre-school years. Before the school bell clanged in the ears of your darling, home was his world; mother the most, if not the - only, prominent, important person in the world. But now the world is to be enlarged and home will seem a smaller, less important place; other people will crowd into the picture, and mother will have to share the interest of that child with others, many of whom will have no real interest in his moral and spiritual training. Education Begins A t Home The beginning of a child’s “ training” begins in the home the moment he is bom. Even before consciousness and memory, the training begins. If you doubt this, re­ member a baby of only a few days can be a “ spoiled” baby, as to the time of feeding, the time for sleeping, and other unconscious acts. How soon a baby learns that if it cries it will be picked up and petted, and if crying does not bring this attention, it will soon learn to stop crying when it fails to bring results. If by a display of unconscious temper it gets results, the method will be re­ peated and intensified. By the time a child is ready to go to school a large percentage of his habits have been fixed, which all subsequent training can never completely over­ come. Modem psychology today is largely occupied in the treatment of behaviorism, by seeking for childhood causes for everything. They speak of early inhibitions, frustra- tions, restraints, escapism, and a hundred other experi­ ences of childhood, even in infancy, and some even of a prenatal nature, which results in these departures from the pattern of normal human behavior. While we would not go along with all that the psychiatrist imagines, and we know that the cause of “behavior” lies deeper in the field of human depravity and sin, it only adds proof of the tremendous importance of early training. The word “ train” used in the Bible includes more than education. Education, according to the accepted defini­ tion, is “ imparting and transmitting to a child, the ac­ cumulated knowledge and experiences of the race.” It is




Dr. DeHaan is founder-director of the internationally known ”Radio Bible Class,” Grand Rapids, Michigan. His Spirit-filled messages of Bible truth have been greatly blessed of the Lord to the salvation of many precious souls.

in your life, and seek to imitate you. Do not expect your child to act any differently than they see you act. If you go to church, you can expect your child to follow. If you pray, you will soon find that little one imitating your prayers. What a pity that many children grow up in pro­ fessing Christian homes, who have never heard father or mother utter an audible prayer for them. They never find their parents reading or studying the Bible and set­ ting up a family altar. Folks will send their children to Sunday school while they stay at home to read the funnies, and then expect such conduct will go unpunished. The responsibility in the training of a child lies at the home. Yet parents leave the secular training of their children to the school teach­ er, the spiritual education to the church and Sunday school; whereas the first duty of a parent is to assume these as a personal parental responsibility. You have no right to expect your child to rise above your own level, for your example determines the pattern of his life. Discipline The third element in education is DISCIPLINE. That word has lost much of its meaning in these days of modem pedagogy when the injunction “ Spare the rod and spoil the child” is no longer believed. Yet there can be no education without this element of discipline. Dis­ cipline may be defined as “ that method of instruction in education whereby we seek to make the doing of right a pleasant task, and the doing of wrong an unpleasant one.” Whether this involves the use of the literal “hickory stick” or some other less drastic method, the purpose and result are the same. By discipline we make the doing of that which is wrong a very unpleasant thing, because the wrong act is followed by some long-remembered bad effect. Punishing a child for wrong causes the child to associate wrong with punishment, and therefore that child will deter in repeating the wrong because of its effects. This is the negative side of discipline. There is also the positive side that of making the accomplishing of a good deed, a PLEASANT experience. Rewarding a child for obedience makes that act an experience always .to be remembered with pleasant thoughts and strengthens the desire to do good because the good yields rewards and profit. On the other hand, disobedient acts are followed by ill effects and therefore shunned. To allow a child to do wrong without the proper discipline is to encourage, aid and abet in wrongdoing, instead of inhibiting, dis­ couraging and counteracting the wrong. Here then we have three elements included in the term, TRAIN. “ Train up a child,” says Solomon under inspiration of God by instruction, by example, and by dis­ cipline. Neglect of these three elements during the early formative years spent in the home before its outside schooling begins, can never be undone by subsequent training. There is no greater, lasting, indelible influence

in the life of a child than the influence of the home the first few years of life. May I bear testimony to the power of a mother’s prayer and the example of childhood days. It was many years after I left the parental roof before I came to the knowledge of salvation by faith in Christ. But during all those year of wandering I never got beyond the reach of mother’s prayers and never beyond the power of early training in my life. When at last I found the Lord Jesus, it was largely because I was never able to get away from the training of those early years. Again and again when Satan tempted me and sin allured me, there rose up be­ fore me the vision of a little woman in a checkered apron kneeling at that bed in the humble home in Western Michigan, and I heard her earnest pleading with God for the salvation of her children as she called them all by name, one by one and claimed them all for Christ. The memory of my name in mother’s prayer had more to do with my salvation, next to God Himself, than any other thing in the world. ‘Twas in the days of long ago when life was gay and bright, And ne’er a tear and scarce a fear o’ercast my day or night, That often in the eventide I found her kneeling there, And just one word—my name— I heard, my name in mother’s prayer. I thought but little of it then, though reverence touched my heart For her whose love sought from above for me the better part; Until the sterner battles came with many a subtle snare, ‘Twas just one word—my name— I heard, my name in mother’s prayer. I wandered on and heeded not God’s oft repeated call To turn from sin to live for Him and give to Him my all; Until at last of sin convinced I sank in deep despair, And hope awoke when memory spoke my name in mother’s prayer. That pleading heart, that soul so tried, has gone into her rest, But still with me for aye shall be the memory of her trust; And when I cross the swelling tide and meet her over there, We’ll praise the Lord who blessed that word—my name in mother’s prayer. END



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