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PDF-release – author’s note: Inspired by Philine Edbauer and Julia Meisner’s #mybrainmychoice campaign to end Germany’s current regime of drug prohibition, I decided in December 2020 to release the DEALER book series to read online, and to offer this book and DEALER Homelands , as well as their German versions, to download free – with the option to pay 7€. About ten of each of these books remain of their first editions. DEALER book series The DEALER book series is part of my work to demystify illegal drug commerce and production, and to explore how these build new forms of solidarity, self- sustaining civil disobedience and rebellion. I assembled the series for the 2019 “DEALER POSES: Photographed and Remembered” exhibition at IG Bildende Kunst in Vienna, Austria, with pictures and research from the “Other Homelands: Origins and Migration Routes of Berlin Park Drug Sellers” exhibition (Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Museum – Berlin). DEALER Travel Portal I installed the Travel Portal in the “Other Homelands” exhibition because I wanted museum visitors to feel themselves flying and busing and driving, with the ease of privileged rich-country travelers, to locations across Africa. On the portal’s map, s oaring travel-magazine arrows and dashed lines marked flight paths and ground routes from Berlin to the thirteen hometowns of the dealers profiled* in the exhibition. I also wanted people to feel themselves in direct – real-time – contact with these locations when they used the exhibition’s Travel Portal terminals. Individualized web pages for each dealer’s hometown, provided live airline, local hotel, restaurant, and related travel service links – and telephone numbers . I hoped visitors would experience their individual ideas of “Africa” disrupted as they discover ed these villages, towns, and neighborhoods. And that they would feel the contrast between their imagined travel and the reverse journey to Europe endured by most of the exhibition’s thirteen dealers.

For more about this book, please see pages 46 to 48.

*In January 2019 the dealer profiled as “J” began serving a three-year sentence in a German prison for possession of cannabis with intent to sell in Görlitzer Park .

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