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WHAT CAN I DO WITH 24 HOURS? Make a Little Time for Myself T his February brings leap day, and it got me thinking: With an “extra” 24 hours in the month, how can I use this time meaningfully? points in my life, dance has been a way to reconnect with who I am. When I was pregnant with my second child, I tried tap dance, and I’ve also studied ballroom dance.

One of my intentions this year is to focus on setting aside time for things that bring me peace and joy. I often wish I had an extra hour in the day. I’m a single working mom, and most days, I find myself burning the candle at both ends. The very lowest person on my priority list is me, so if I don’t prioritize myself, no one will. If I don’t practice self-care, I won’t be able to take care of anyone else. Self-care is making sure you stay physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Then you can be the best parent, employee, sibling, or partner you want to be. If your bucket is empty, you can’t pour anything into anyone else’s. If I can find a couple days in February to give myself a few extra hours of rest, call up a friend and have dinner, or play a board game with my kids and catch up with them, I’ll fill up my bucket and have more to give my loved ones. This year, I’m going to start by choosing things that fill up my bucket. Like Hillary, I have a passion for fitness. It’s so helpful for my mental health and a great way to release stress. I grew up dancing ballet, and I carried that passion with me through law school. At one time, I even considered a professional career in dance. At different

Now, though, it’s been several years since I’ve danced. I’d love to find a class in our community and get back into it in some form. For me, it’s a form of self-care that relieves stress and allows my mind to let go of things. I want to get back to that. Being outside also brings me a lot of calm, and while I’m not particularly a winter person, if I can take a walk in a park or visit a nature preserve, regardless of the season, I know it will be beneficial. I also want to focus on getting better sleep. In our fast-paced world, we’re trying to be and do so many things at once, and sleep “Self-care is making sure you stay physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Then you can be the best parent, employee, sibling, or partner you want to be.”

is usually sacrificed first. I know it’s part of the reason why I can’t get over a cold as easily or why I feel more stress than I would if I’d had a full eight hours of rest. If I can give myself a few extra hours in February, that will be a great start. For anyone recuperating from the repercussions of trauma or an injury, I know it might feel challenging to get back to the things that used to bring you joy. It’s still so important to find something that calms you and allows you to experience some joy. Giving yourself the treat of watching a movie, picking up an inspiring book, or calling a supportive friend to say hello can all be great forms of self-care. It’s whatever feels relaxing and healing to you. With an “extra” 24 hours this month, I’m going to spend a little time focusing on me. I hope you’ll do the same.

–Melanie Fahey

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STEALING MISS HELEN ‘Ocean’s 3’ Attempt a High-Stakes Heist

YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF 5 Ways You Can Practice Self-Care

On a hot summer day in late July 2018, three people entered Miss Helen’s home, forcibly removed her, put her in a stroller, and ran toward their getaway vehicle. This might sound like a typical kidnapping story, but Miss Helen is no ordinary person. She is a 16-inch horn shark living at the San Antonio Aquarium. Fortunately, their fishy behavior didn’t go unnoticed, and someone alerted the aquarium staff. One perpetrator drove away with Miss Helen in tow, but the other two were stopped by aquarium staff, later confessing to their involvement. Thanks to some observant witnesses and aquarium surveillance, police were able to identify the third thief and obtain a warrant to search his house. As it turned out, he had an extensive aquarium in his home and possibly hoped to add Miss Helen to his collection. After being identified, Miss Helen was returned home safely. The aquarium staff was grateful to have Miss Helen back unharmed, despite her ordeal. “She’s a tough little horn shark, I’ll tell you that,” affirmed Jamie Shank, the assistant husbandry director at the aquarium. NO MINOR CRIME While many animal lovers might disagree, animals are considered personal property, so stealing them is a crime of theft, not kidnapping. The penalties for stealing animals vary depending on each state’s laws, and some states have specific laws regarding animal theft. In Texas, larceny law designates the theft of property valued between $1,500–$20,000 as a felony. In the case of Miss Helen, who’s valued by the aquarium at $2,000, the thieves committed a felony. Also, transporting certain animals requires special permits, which led to additional charges against the three thieves. The Animal Welfare Act, which was adopted in 1966, is the only federal law that regulates the treatment of animals in research, exhibition, transport, and by dealers. Interestingly, it only applies to warm-blooded animals, so if Miss Helen had needed further protection, she would be left out in the cold.

As Melanie shared on the cover, caring for yourself can help you better care for those around you. While it might feel selfish to make time just for yourself, it’s beneficial to you and your loved ones who depend on your well-being. Decide when and how you’ll do it, set aside that time (maybe start with an hour each week), and make it a priority like you would an appointment with a friend or coworker.

Here are a few ways to make self-care happen this month.

FILL YOUR OWN BUCKET FIRST. What brings you joy? Maybe it’s something you want to get back to, or maybe it’s an entirely new hobby you get to fall in love with. Choose to dedicate EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT

Barbara is one of our two amazing litigation case managers at Rinehardt Law Firm. She’s been part of our team for almost 20 years. She came on board shortly after John opened the firm and is a valued member of our team who has enjoyed seeing our growth over the years. In her role, Barbara works diligently behind the scenes to manage the discovery process and ensure everything is organized for a case. Her work is crucial to helping our attorneys successfully argue our clients’ cases.

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some time each week to this activity, or create a moment for quiet, uninterrupted time by yourself. Maybe it’s a yoga class or simply sitting in a quiet place for half an hour just thinking and relaxing. GET ENOUGH SLEEP. If you don’t know where to start, you can begin by getting enough sleep. You’ll see the benefits of quality sleep ripple through the rest of your life. You’ll be more alert and have more energy, and you’ll be able to make better choices and respond better to stress. MAKE WELLNESS APPOINTMENTS. It’s easy to let years go by without seeing your doctor, therapist, or other wellness providers. If this sounds like you, make a plan to fit in those important appointments this year. An annual physical is vital preventive care, and it’s a chance to talk to your doctor about any concerns you have. FIND MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT. If you’re struggling with your feelings or thoughts, a mental health professional can help you work through your experiences to find clarity and joy. CONNECT WITH THE PEOPLE WHO BRING YOU JOY. Caring friends can be a source of support and inspiration. Connecting with them, whether over the phone, video, or in person, will strengthen your relationships and create a support network.

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Remember, you’re doing an amazing job, and by carving out this time for yourself, you’ll be able to do — and feel — even better. You’ve got this!

Inspired by The Minimalist Baker


Barbara’s Compassion for People and Animals

DIRECTIONS • 1 lb medjool dates, pitted (about 1 1/2 cups) • 1/2 tsp sea salt • Warm water • 1/4 cup peanut butter • 1 cup bittersweet or dark chocolate, chopped • 1 tbsp coconut oil, melted 1. Using a food processor, blend dates and sea salt until dough can be formed into a ball. Slowly add enough warm water to mixture to thicken dough. 2. Roll dough into tablespoon-sized balls. Freeze for 20–30 minutes.

For Barbara, getting to dig in and analyze a case is one of her favorite parts of the job. Her focus and attention to detail make this role a great for her, and we’re so appreciative of the work she does for our clients! As Rinehardt Law has grown, Barbara has enjoyed building friendships with her coworkers. You might find her and her team members out for a girls’ night or going out to dinner at the end of the day. Barbara’s first passion, though, is spending time with her four-legged friends. She’s an animal lover through and through, and cats are her favorite. She appreciates their independent nature and has a cat at home in addition to a dog and two guinea pigs. She also enjoys visiting the zoo and Kingwood Center Gardens and going anywhere she can take photos of wildlife.

3. In microwave, warm 1/4 cup peanut butter for 30 seconds, then drizzle peanut butter on top of balls. Freeze balls for another 20 minutes. 4. Meanwhile, in microwave, warm chocolate with coconut oil until melted. Stir well. 5. Coat balls in chocolate and place on a parchment- lined baking sheet. 6. Top with additional salt and freeze for 30 minutes. Serve at room temperature. 3 Rinehardt Law | www.rinehardtlawfirm.com

We’re so grateful to have you at Rinehardt Law, Barbara! Thanks for all you do.

WE’RE HERE FOR YOU When we take on a case, our entire team goes to work to help get the best outcome for our client. You’re no longer alone when you’re a client of Rinehardt Law. We’re here to help you and your family get back on track after an accident. If you or a loved one have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, reach out to us for a free case evaluation.


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How Melanie Is Making Self- Care a Priority


A Slippery Crime 5 Ways You Can Practice Self-Care Employee Spotlight

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Learn All About Leap Year

LEAP INTO 2020 Facts About the Leap Year

speaker Tony Robbins, rapper Ja Rule, and singer Mark Foster of Foster the People. However, the most famous leapling is probably Superman. When you invent a super-being, you might as well give him a super-birthday. WHERE Anthony, Texas/NewMexico (a single town that straddles the two states’ borders), claims the title “Leap Year Capital of the World.” The city throws one massive birthday party for all leaplings but invites everyone to join the celebration. Two leapling neighbors from Anthony began the tradition in 1988, and it’s blossomed into a festival with thousands of participants every four years. It includes banquets, hot air balloons, a carnival, concerts, parades, and more. When you have four years to plan in between each shindig, there’s time to go big. Celebrate this leap year by doing something unusual or new. It’s a special day that doesn’t occur often, so make the most of it by doing something you’ll talk about for another four years.

doesn’t occur every four years. Adding that extra day still doesn’t quite keep Earth on track, so the calendar skips leap years that occur during century years not divisible by 400. For example, 2000 was a leap year, but 2100 won’t be. WHO The odds of being born on Feb. 29 are 1 in 1,461. That means that of the roughly seven billion people in the world, only about five million of them are “leaplings.” The number of leaplings currently living in the U.S. is roughly 187,000. Some famous leaplings include motivational

Like the Olympics and presidential elections, leap years only occur once every four years, which is why many people look forward to Feb. 29. But there’s a lot that you might not know about this quirk on the calendar. WHY To keep the calendar in sync with Earth’s orbit around the sun, an extra day is added to it every four years. Earth takes exactly 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds to orbit the sun. Those extra hours add up over time, so another calendar day becomes necessary. But a leap year


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