Pitner Ortho July 2017


July 2017

NEW JOYS AND GOODBYES Changes Are Coming to Pitner Orthodontics


his month, I have great news to share with everybody. Dr. Katie Bullwinkel is pregnant with her second baby! Dr. Katie and her husband are happy to see their family growing, and their daughter, Molly, eagerly awaits the arrival of her new baby brother. The baby is due in October, and we’re all excited to share in the joy. Okay, now here’s the bad news, or more accurately the sad news. As she will soon have two little ones at home, Dr. Katie has decided to take a step back and reduce her workload so she can take care of her family. After July 20, she will no longer be working at Pitner Orthodontics. This is the best decision for Dr. Katie, and I am excited for her to start this new chapter of life with her family, but that doesn’t mean I’m not sad to see her go. I’ve known Dr. Katie since she was in college and have had the honor of mentoring her for a very long time. The relationship I have with her is very special to me. She and I share the same philosophy surrounding orthodontics and oral health, and I have nothing but trust in her. Right from the beginning, I knew every patient was in wonderful hands with Dr. Katie. I cannot imagine that I will be able to find anyone who could possibly replace her. In fact, I have no intention of finding a new associate

anytime soon. For the time being, I will take care of patients at all three Pitner locations myself, with

appointments available as before. We will also rotate days in all offices, so you can still get the day of the week that works best for you. If you have any particular questions or concerns about these changes, please call me at the office or email me at leslie@drpitner.com I am so glad that I’ve been able to spend these last two years working with Dr. Katie. We’re going to have a poster for everyone to sign and wish her their best before she leaves in July. During your next appointment, I encourage everyone to join me in saying goodbye and thanking Dr. Katie for all the wonderful memories she’s brought to the practice. “THIS IS THE BEST DECISION FOR DR. KATIE, AND I AM EXCITED FOR HER TO START THIS NEW CHAPTER OF LIFE WITH HER FAMILY, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I’M NOT SAD TO SEE HER GO.”

the help of my amazing team, of course. This may sound like a big task for one person, but I’ve done my homework and I know with certainty we can handle it. Those of you who have been patients since before Dr. Katie came on board will know what to expect. There will be some changes, but I imagine you will only be affected by two things: 1. If you usually saw Dr. Katie, you will be seeing me again — yay! I look forward to working with patients I haven’t been able to see all that often. 2. The hours of operation at our various locations will remain the same, but the days we’re available will change a bit. Instead of being able to come in on a Tuesday or Wednesday, you may only be able to come in on a Tuesday — but we will have just as many

I’m really going to miss you, Katie. The practice won’t be the same without you.

– Dr. Leslie Pitner


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