Pitner Ortho July 2017

BEST VIEWFROM THE RIVER CITY The World Arrives in Columbia for the Great American Eclipse

Next month, the Great American Eclipse will pass overhead on Monday, Aug. 21. The eclipse will be visible across the United States, but cities in the path of totality — the track of the moon’s shadow passing across Earth — will

which means we’ll enjoy over 2 ½minutes of this incredible celestial phenomenon!

to miss. This will be the first solar eclipse visible from the United States in 100 years.

With the longest eclipse viewing experience on the East Coast, it’s no wonder people from all over the world plan to make Columbia their eclipse destination. Many hotels have been booked during the eclipse since last year, and the Columbia Chamber of Commerce estimates over a million people will descend upon the city. It’s going to be a busy weekend, but this once-in-a- lifetime event is not something you want

Special events are scheduled all over the city and surrounding areas.You can check out totaleclipsecolumbiasc. com to plan a wild weekend! Or, you

have the best view. Those in the path of totality will witness the sun being completely covered by the moon. Lucky for us in Columbia, our city is right in the middle of the path of totality,

can just lay a blanket out in the backyard and watch the eclipse with your family. And don’t forget your eclipse glasses!

STOP WAITING FOR PERFECT TEETH AcceleDent Now Is Your Chance to Achieve Your Dream Smile Today

they’re using traditional braces, lingual braces, or Invisalign. If you’ve ever considered adding AcceleDent to your orthodontic treatment, but you weren’t sure if it would work, now is the perfect time to try! Through AcceleDent Now, Pitner Orthodontics

A few months ago, we highlighted the extraordinary power of AcceleDent. When paired with braces or Invisalign, AcceleDent can shorten the time it takes to achieve your perfect smile by 50 percent! This month, we’re excited to announce that Pinter Orthodontics is expanding our AcceleDent program with AcceleDent Now! AcceleDent Now broadens the resources we’re able to offer patients, including additional treatment education and special offers. If you’re already enjoying the benefits of AcceleDent, don’t worry. This new program will not disrupt your treatment. You will still be able to bring the lightweight, FDA-approved device home and use micropulse technology to simulate cell movement in the bones of your jaw to encourage your teeth to align more quickly. AcceleDent Now is designed to help new patients get started in the treatment, whether

Why spend years waiting for your dream smile when you don’t have to? Give Dr. Leslie Pitner a call at 803-781-5225 and schedule an evaluation now.You’ll be delighted to learn howAcceleDent can help you achieve your new smile faster than you ever thought possible!

patients can take advantage of a free, 60-day AcceleDent trial to jump-start your journey to straight teeth. If you like what you see, you can enroll in AcceleDent full time at the new price of $495!




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