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WELCOME TO THE Catholic Charities Family We are thrilled to have you on board as a partner in our work responding to crisis, stabilizing lives, and advocating in hope! Regardless of which of our programs you serve at, we hope you find the passion of our staff contagious. This is hard work, but it is a privilege to witness compassion and transformation in the lives of those we serve. This booklet contains the policies and procedures you agreed to follow in the volunteer application process. Please review it before you attend your orientation and tour and retain it for future reference. If you need any clarification about our volunteer expectations, please speak with the volunteer coordinator or director at your site. Thank you for volunteering with Catholic Charities. Your gift of time provides help and creates hope for the over 70,000 people served by our network of programs across Eastern Washington.

History of Catholic Charities Eastern Washington Our Programs Goals for our Volunteers Code of Conduct Volunteer Policies and Procedures Student and Youth Learning Opportunities Other Ways to Get Involved Donation Drive and Gift In-Kind Needs Map of Services HANDBOOK CONTENT

In 1912, Catholic Social Betterment League began when representatives from eight parishes met at Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral to explore working together. Priorities were assistance with food, clothing, shelter and medications.


For over 105 years, Catholic Charities has served our community and lived our mission by affirming the dignity of every person in need regardless of circumstances. Many people are surprised to learn that over 70,000 individuals receive assistance each year through our diverse network of programs and housing communities that span across 13 counties in Eastern Washington. From birth to end of life, we reach out to respond to crisis, stabilize lives and advocate in hope. The House of Charity, St. Margaret’s Shelter, and Rising Strong, meet individuals in crisis with shelter, food, resources, and supportive services. Catholic Housing Communities, Senior Services, and Food for All provide stability with affordable housing, household chore assistance, and food access. We offer pathways that provide hope for a better future through our Childbirth and Parent Assisting Program (CAPA/PREPARES), Counseling, the Furniture Bank, Immigration Legal Services, Emergency Assistance, and St. Anne’s Children & Family Center. Catholic Charities Walla Walla, and regional offices in Brewster, Colville, and Pasco, extend our compassionate reach outside of Spokane. Providing services of this scope and magnitude is only possible with the help of the greater community. We work with municipalities, other charitable organizations and churches, and businesses of all kinds to find ways to meet the needs of the thousands who come to us seeking help and hope. Three hundred staff members, driven by Catholic Charities’ core values of respect, compassion, collaboration and justice, work with approximately 6,000 volunteers annually who assist in serving patrons and clients in their programs. Generous in-kind donations of food, diapers, clothing, furniture, toiletries, and other items, are gratefully accepted, and monetary donations are absolutely critical for program operations and other supportive services. Responding to crisis. Stabilizing lives. Advocating in hope. This is the work of Catholic Charities. Our organization, founded on Catholic social teachings, has provided hope for generations and will continue to provide transformative services that improve the quality of life for people living in our area.

Catholic Housing Communities Catholic Charities sponsors service-enriched apartment homes for seniors, persons with disabilities, farm-worker families, and formerly homeless individuals and families. VOLUNTEER NEEDS: Host game nights Socialization Childbirth & Parenting Assistance (CAPA)/PREPARES (509) 455-4986 Monday - Thursday 8 am - 5 pm Diapers, clothing, and support services for expectant parents and families with children 5 & under. VOLUNTEER NEEDS: Clothing Room (sort & shop with families) Front Desk/Reception Mentors for Mothers and Fathers Playroom supervision Christmas Bureau (509) 459-5453 Hotline Monday - Saturday 7am - 3 pm during the Bureau | Closed Sunday Toys, books and food vouchers for low income families at Christmastime. Nine days each December, 10 am - 2:30 pm. Call for dates and recipient guidelines. VOLUNTEER NEEDS: Greeters Toy room stockers Entertainment




Counseling (509) 242-2308 Outpatient mental health counseling for Medicaid eligible individuals.

Diversion (509) 340-9329 Landlord negotiations, job search, resume building, housing searching and more.

Emergency Assistance (509) 456-2253 One-time voucher-based assistance for utilities, transportation, prescriptions and rent. Funds available vary month-to-month.

Food for All (509) 459-6163 Working to build better access to healthy, affordable food. VOLUNTEER NEEDS: Garden at Food for All Farm and help at Greenhouse


Assist with the KERNEL children’s program at farmers markets Produce delivery Prepare and cook healthy meals in housing communities

Furniture Bank (509) 991-9345 Tuesday - Saturday 9 am - 5 pm Furniture and household items provided to our neighbors in need. Referral required from a partner agency. VOLUNTEER NEEDS: Process and sort donations


Furniture repair Clerical support

Homeless Family Coordinated Assessment (HFCA) (509) 325-5005 or (509) 340-9329 Assessments to see what community resources families experiencing homelessness qualify for, e.g. emergency and transitional shelters, rapid rehousing, or permanent supportive housing.

House of Charity (509) 624-7821 24/7 homeless shelter that provides emergency and support services. Sleeping program for men and overnight shelter for all adults (18 & over) VOLUNTEER NEEDS: Maintenance/Cleaning Kitchen Help/Food Prep/Serving Resource Room Help Immigration Legal Services (509) 455-4961 Monday - Thursday 8 am - 5 pm weekly High quality legal consultations, representation, and assistance to documented and undocumented immigrants of all nationalities, ethnicities and religions. VOLUNTEER NEEDS: Written and verbal fluency in Spanish, Russian and Arabic Paralegal assistance Parish Social Ministry (509) 358-4273 Serves as a resource to parishes, schools and organizations in Eastern Washington for Catholic Social Teaching, outreach and advocacy, solidarity, justice and service. Rapid Re-Housing (509) 340-9329 Financial assistance and services to prevent individuals and families from becoming homeless and assists those who are experiencing homelessness to be quickly re-housed and stabilized. Rising Strong (509) 960-8638 Family-centered addiction treatment with housing and supportive services VOLUNTEER NEEDS: Collecting, processing and organizing donations Tutoring parents & students Grounds maintenance & building cleaning Cooking and serving meals Plan and implement children’s activities St. Margaret’s Shelter (509) 624-9788 Transitional shelter for families in a supportive environment. Families must qualify through a pre-screening process, call HFCA (509) 325-5005 VOLUNTEER NEEDS: Play supervision/tutoring Donation sorting Food Bank assistance St. Anne’s Children and Family Center (509) 232-1111 Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm weekly High quality early learning opportunities and experiences for children of all faiths ranging in age from 1 month through 6 years. VOLUNTEER NEEDS: Assist in classrooms/ Special event assistance Building and grounds maintenance Hospitality/reception Senior Services/Volunteer Chore Services (509) 459-6184 Monday - Thursday 8 am - 5 pm weekly Housework, yard work and transportation for low-income seniors and disabled adults. VOLUNTEER NEEDS: Assistance with clerical duties Light housekeeping/Transportation Brown Bag & Commodities food delivery Yard Work/ Moving Assistance








• We want our volunteers to feel connected to our Mission and the work we do as an agency. Volunteers should understand how our core values of Respect, Collaboration, Justice and Compassion are integral to our mission and service to others. Catholic Charities affirms the dignity of every person, partnering with parishes and the greater community to serve and advocate for those who are vulnerable, bringing stability and hope to people throughout eastern Washington. • Our volunteers should understand the dynamics and challenges of the work we do for the poor and vulnerable in our community. We want to emphasize that we serve ALL regardless of race, ethnicity, faith, etc., • Volunteers should know the value of their time. Volunteers save our agency $3 million dollars a year by contributing over 160,000 hours of service in support of 70,000 people in our community. Each program should help volunteers to quantify the difference they make through dollars saved, lives improved, persons fed, babies diapered, etc.

• Volunteers should understand the culture of our programs/sites: how to treat patrons, resources for clients, what to wear, hours of operation, flow chart of workforce, who to go to for help/assistance, etc.

• Each volunteer should read and understand our Code of Conduct and our confidentiality expectations to ensure that all our clients are treated with dignity and respect.

• Volunteers should know any safety policies and procedures for their volunteer site. The safety of our staff, clients, and volunteers is essential to the successful execution of our work.

Code of Conduct

CODE OF CONDUCT The following Code of Conduct applies to: Clergy, Seminarians, all employees of the Catholic Bishop of Spokane, Parishes, Schools, Catholic Charities Spokane, Institutions, CPC, Catholic Cemeteries of Spokane and Volunteers in church ministry, hereinafter referred to as church personnel. Those who act in the name of the church have special influence in the lives of the people to whom they minister. Because of the respect and even reverence with which many people seek help from the church’s ministers, there is an imbalance of power and hence a vulnerability inherent in the ministerial relationship. In these circumstances there is likely an absence of meaningful consent to any sexual activity, even if the person is an adult. This imbalance of power makes any sexual activity always inappropriate. It is the responsibility of the church minister or staff member to maintain appropriate emotional and sexual boundaries with those with whom they work and serve. As in other helping professions such as physicians and therapists, the special nature of the relationship between church personnel and the people they serve calls for a higher ethical standard of behavior. In such relationships the appropriateness or inappropriateness of behavior is judged not by the intent of the church person, but by its impact upon the recipient. It is the policy of this diocese to expect the behavior of all church personnel to comply with professional ethics and Catholic moral standard. Not only must the actual behavior meet appropriate standards, but all church personnel also are expected to act in ways which do not give the appearance of impropriety. TOUCHING Touching must be age-appropriate and based on the need of the young person and not on the need of the adult. An adult must avoid physical contact when alone with a young person. Touches and embraces that are experienced or perceived as uncomfortable to the individual, adult or child, are forbidden. Adults should avoid any physical touching of minors that may reasonably be perceived as sexual in nature. Examples of behaviors with minors that can be misconstrued as sexual in nature, and thus are to be avoided, include but are not limited to:

inappropriate or lengthy embraces


• touching bottoms, chests, legs or genital areas

spanking or slapping

• showing affection while in an isolated location

wrestling or tickling

piggy-back rides


It is important to remember that, when dealing with a child who inadvertently misplaces hands on a church person, the suggested way of dealing with this is to gently take the hands and remove them from the inappropriate spot, kneel down to the child’s level, and continue the discussion at eye level. If a minor initiates physical contact, such as a hug, an appropriate, limited response is proper.

Code of Conduct


VERBAL AND NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION Examples of speech or actions which are inappropriate include but are not limited to:

• Compliments that relate to physique or body development

• Humiliation, ridicule, bullying, or degradation of another person

• Topics of discussion, vocabulary, recordings, films, games, computer software, internet sites or

any other form of personal interaction or entertainment that could not be used comfortably in the

presence of parents.

• Sexually explicit or pornographic material • The singling out of persons, especially children, for special personal attention or personal gifts.

TRANSPORTATION AND OUTINGS When taking young people on field trips, conferences or tours, the following rules apply:

• One staff member or adult volunteer may never transport only one child unless the child is his/her own child.

• One person may transport a group of children. However, upon arrival two staff members or adult volunteers must accompany all children during all activities, events, and/or outings off parish, school or agency grounds.

• An adult shall always be accompanied by another adult when sleeping in a hotel room or tent with children.

• Adults and children shall each sleep in their own bed.

• Use of one’s own home as the center for carrying out youth work is prohibited.

• Priests must not provide overnight accommodation for individual minors including but not limited to accommodations in any church-owned facility, private residence, hotel room or any place where there is no other adult supervision present. Immediate family is an exception to this mandate. • Persons under 21 may never be taken on personal trips or vacations without other adults or appropriate chaperones. RELATIONSHIPS It is the church person’s responsibility to be cognizant of appropriate behaviors in relationships and to maintain integrity in all ministerial actions. Dual relationships are those in which the professional or ministerial purpose is intermingled with personal friendship. Please refer to the introductory paragraphs of this Code of Conduct for reminders about the impact of “power” a church person has on individuals with whom he/she relates. Key points to be adhered to, and/or aware of, in relationships are: • Church personnel assume the full burden for setting and maintaining clear, appropriate physical and emotional boundaries in all ministerial relationships. • In situations where an inappropriate personal or physical attraction develops between a church person and an adult, client or young person, the church person is responsible to maintain clear, professional boundaries. • It is unprofessional to suggest that the relationship between care givers and those who seek their help is a two- way relationship in which the care giver also receives help from the interaction. It is the responsibility of church personnel to retain a ministerial/professional relationship, not the client. • Sexual relationships with parishioners, counseling clients, students, or collaborators in ministry are forbidden.

Code of Conduct


• The appearance or reality of concealing or asking individuals to conceal the fact and nature of a personal relationship is a violation of such boundaries. • Church employees and volunteers, while not involved in ministerial activity, must be accompanied by at least one other adult when hosting activities for children with whom they have become acquainted through their ministry. • Employees and volunteers acting in their parental role should be aware of the critical importance of applying these guidelines in situations involving children other than their own.

DRUGS AND ALCOHOL At youth events, the following are unacceptable:

• use, possession or distribution of illegal drugs (reason for immediate termination of employment)


alcoholic beverages

smokeless tobacco

ENVIRONMENT Church personnel cannot always avoid situations where they are alone with a minor, but if a one-on-one meeting with a minor is necessary, the following are recommended:

avoid meeting in isolated environments

• schedule meetings at times when others are around

• choose locations that create accountability

limit the time of the session

make appropriate referral(s)

• have another person present when at all feasible

meet in as public a place as possible

leave door ajar

• choose a room with a window in the door when available

• avoid all physical contact with the minor

Employees are prohibited from using work place computers or other means of communications inappropriately as is presented in the diocesan policy on the use of technology. No person may serve with minors or young adults if he or she has ever been convicted of any of the below listed criminal offenses, has ever received deferred adjudication for any such criminal offenses, or there is presently pending any criminal charges for such offenses until a determination of guilt or innocence is made. Criminal offenses include: • A felony classified as an offense against a person or family. Offenses against a person include but are not limited to: murder, assault, sexual assault, and abandoning or endangering a child. Offenses against a family include but are not limited to: bigamy or incest. • A felony classified as an offense against public order or indecency. Offenses against public order or indecency include but are not limited to: prostitution or the possession or promotion of child pornography.

pending any criminal charges for such offenses until a determination of guilt or innocence is made. Criminal offenses include:

Code of Conduct • A felony classified as an offense against a person or family. Offenses against a person include but are not limited to: murder, assault, sexual assault, and abandoning or endangering a child. Offenses against a family include but are not limited to: bigamy or incest. • A felony classified as an offense against public order or indecency. Offenses against public order or indecency include but are not limited to: prostitution or the possession or promotion of child pornography. • A felony classified as an offense against a person or family. Offenses against a person include but are not limited to: murder, assault, sexual assault, and abandoning or endangering a child. Offenses against a family include but are not limited to: bigamy or incest. • A felony classified as an offense against public order or indecency. Offenses against public order or indecency include but are not limited to: prostitution or the possession or promotion of child pornography. CONTINUED

• A felony violation within the last five years of any law intended to control the possession or distribution of any substance included as a controlled substance in the Washington State Uniform Controlled Substances Act.

Please sign the fol lowing form ver i fying that you have read, understand and agree to Cathol ic Char i t ies Spokane’s Code of Conduct and keep this copy of the Code for your records. Let us meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.

-Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta


I have fully read the above Code of Conduct and sign voluntarily with knowledge of its terms and conditions.

Printed Name:________________________________________________________

Signature:_________ ______ Date: ___________________________________

Revised 01/09

VOLUNTEER CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT Volunteer Confidentiality Statement All volunteers who have access to personal information have a responsibility by which they are bound to the client, Catholic Charities Eastern Washington and all its agencies, the community and themselves. The Agency’s clients act in good faith, expecting that their circumstances and personal matters will remain confidential. Thus, we are obliged by both law and ethics to honor this trust. Though not all-inclusive, the following is presented to provide some guidelines concerning the matter of confidentiality. The "Agency" refers to Catholic Charities and all of its Programs. The "client" is any person who is served by Catholic Charities or any of its Programs. 1. No identifying information about the Agency’s clients (names, addresses, Social Security numbers, physical disabilities etc.) should be revealed to anyone outside of the Agency and only to those in the Agency to whom the information is necessary for the welfare of the client. 3. Discussing personal circumstances concerning a client, even though names, addresses or Social Security numbers are not revealed, is also considered a breach of confidentiality. That is, volunteers might possibly describe in detail personal circumstances and information concerning a client for whom they have provided volunteer services, and even though the name and address are not revealed, this descriptive material may jeopardize the client’s right to privacy. Thus, the discussion or description of a client’s personal information or circumstances is considered detrimental to the client’s right to confidentiality. 4. The fact that a case has been made public through the news media does not alter the fact that the individual still has confidentiality privileges within Catholic Charities Eastern Washington and all of its agencies. Thus, in this these situations, confidentiality should still be maintained. All volunteers are asked to sign the following oath to respect the confidentiality of all clients with whom they come in contact through their volunteer service at Catholic Charities Eastern Washington. This oath will be kept on file at Catholic Charities Eastern Washington. 2. Photos of the Agency’s clients are not allowed to be taken and posted on social media sights or in publications without written consent of the client.

Affirmed this ________ day of ____________________, 20__. Catholic Charities Volunteer Signature: ____________________________________

Anti-Discrimination Procedure Anti-­‐Discrimination Procedure  for Clients, Staff and Volunteers   Catholic Charities welcomes individuals who are heterosexual, bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender queer and/or gender non-conforming of different races, classes, religions, ages, protected classes and backgrounds. We do not discriminate based upon gender identity or gender expression, and as a client, staff and/or volunteer, I agree to be respectful, of program participants, volunteers and staff. I understand that any oppressive or abusive language or actions are not acceptable, and that I am bound by law to keep any personal information I learn about a client confidential. If I have any questions about this procedure, I can ask a staff member to explain it to me. If a program participant, volunteer, or staff member is acting in an abusive or oppressive away towards me, I know that I can report this behavior to a staff member. If I feel that the issue has not been addressed, I can then report it to the Program Coordinator. If the issue has still not been appropriately addressed, I can bring the issue to the Director. EASTERN WASHINGTON Hold Harmless/Indemnity Agreement for Adult Volunteers Print Name: ____________________________________________ Date:__________________________________________________ HOLD HARMLESS/ INDEMNITY AGREEMENT FOR ADULT VOLUNTEERS I, my personal representatives, heirs and assigns do hereby agree to protect, defend, hold harmless and fully indemnify Catholic Charities Spokane, its programs, agents, officers, employees, insurers, and assigns, for any claim or cause of action arising out of strict liability or ordinary negligence in any way connected with my volunteer activity which causes me physical harm or property damage. I further agree to release, hold harmless and indemnify Catholic Charities Spokane, its programs, agents, officers, employees, insurers, and assigns, from any claim, judgment or expenses which may be incurred by my participation in said activity. I also acknowledge that I am aware of activity safety regulations and will comply, assuming all risk for myself and all liability to others if I fail to do so. If any portion of this agreement is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance thereof shall continue to full legal force and effect. Signed: _______________________________________________

NAME (Please Print)________________________________________


BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION CONSENT I, __________________________________________, authorize Catholic Charities Spokane and/or its agents to make an independent investigation of my background, criminal or police records, confirming the information contained on my Volunteer Application which may be material to my qualifications for being a volunteer now and, if applicable, during the tenure of my volunteer work with Catholic Charities Spokane. I release Catholic Charities Spokane and/or its agents and any person or entity that provides information pursuant to this authorization, from any and all liabilities, claims or lawsuits in regard to the information obtained from any and all of the above referenced sources used. The following is my true and complete legal name and all information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge: ________________________________________________________________________ Name (Printed) LAST MIDDLE FIRST _______________________________________________________________________ Maiden Name or Other Names Used _______________________________________________________________________ Present Address City State Zip How Long? _______________________________________________________________________ Former Address City State Zip How Long? (Please provide 7 years of address history if less than 3 years in Washington State. Use back of page if necessary) Background Investigation Consent FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR CLIENTS AND PATRONS Background checks are run at a minimum of every

How Long? two years on all active volunteers. In the event that a negative report comes back on a volunteer, we reserve the right to terminate the volunteer. ________

Former Address




___________ *Date of Birth

________________ _________________

**Social Security Number **Driver’s License Number **State of License

______________________________________________________________________________________ Signature Date

* The information is always required . ** Information required if a Washington state resident for less than 3 years in order to do a federal background check. ( PLEASE CALL IN SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER IF YOU ARE FROM OUT OF STATE . Phone 509- 358-4270.) All information is used for identification purposes only, and is in no manner used as qualifications for volunteering . Catholic Charities Spokane is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, age, handicap or national origin. Please be aware that background checks are re-run at a minimum of every two years for active volunteers.

Catholic Charities Spokane will not tolerate violations of our Code of Conduct and Volunteer Privacy Policy or any behavior/conduct that would be considered inappropriate, harassing or abusive treatment of our staff, clients or patrons or any DSHS prohibitive crimes. (6-6-17)


Catholic Charities Eastern Washington welcomes students under the age of 21 to volunteer with us.


• The minimum age for youth volunteers is the 4th grade. For youth under 4th grade, we can provide tours and assist in coordinating donation drives. • Volunteers under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult (preferably a parent, grandparent or legal guardian), whenever they volunteer. The accompanying adults must also apply and be accepted to volunteer by the agency. • For youth groups under age 16, the ratio must be 1 adult chaperone to 10 youth. (Chaperones must be at least 21 years of age.) • Only the adult supervisor responsible for coordinating/leading the group and the adult chaperones must fill out the required paperwork (i.e. the volunteer application.) • Supervisor must show proof of school or organization youth permission forms. (If the forms do not have a photo release, the parents of each child will need to fill out permission slip to that effect.) • Supervisor must sign a Hold Harmless form for their group to be able to participate in our volunteer opportunities, and they should have emergency contact information on hand for each volunteer on the day of service.

Please note: Youth groups under age 12 are not allowed to serve at the House of Charity and youth age 12 and under are not allowed to serve at St. Anne’s Children and Family Center.


Those who are 16-21 years may volunteer independently under these conditions:

• A volunteer application and all necessary volunteer paperwork must be submitted.

• Applicants between the ages 16-17 who wish to volunteer independently, must submit a signed Catholic Charities Eastern Washington Parental Acknowledgment and Permission form. This form must remain on file until the volunteer turns 18.

• Applicants aged 18-21 must be able to pass a criminal background check.

• Staff may conduct a face-to-face preliminary interview.

• Volunteers under 21 cannot provide transportation or personal care.

• All placements are at the discretion of the Volunteer Services Office and are contingent upon finding an appropriate match for both the student and agency.

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6


We value the role engaged learning experiences contribute to personal and professional development.

Most of our sites accept service learning students, interns and practicum students throughout the year.

Service Learning

Service Learning Students need to complete our online volunteer application in order to be considered.

• Photocopies of state issued identification and the social security number of the applicant must be supplied for the required background check.

• We require 20 hours/term for service learning which must be completed within two weeks before the term ends. (This may be more than your professor requires, but it is the minimum needed to volunteer with Catholic Charities Eastern Washington.) Please get started early in the term and don’t put off your hours until the last minute, or we may not be able to approve all your service hours. • We ask that all service learning students provide a copy of their course learning objectives to their on-site supervisor at the beginning of the term so we can be a true partner in your learning process.

• You will need to provide your own transportation to and from the volunteer site. Consider finding a friend to volunteer with so you can carpool.

• Please try to stick with your agreed upon volunteer schedule. If you need to miss your scheduled time, please give your volunteer site coordinator at least 24 hours notice.

• Check with your volunteer site coordinator on attire, where to park, and work expectations – your site orientation is a good time to do this.

• Remember that volunteering is like a job. We would love to serve as a reference for you in the future, but that means we expect you to approach your volunteering in a professional manner. If we sign your service learning contract we expect you to fulfill your obligations in a reliable fashion.

Internships and Practicum Placements

• We have limited slots for internships/practicums so please contact us well in advance of your anticipated start date. Many of our programs host interns and practicum students but not every semester or quarter so most slots are filled on a first come- first served basis. • In order to be considered, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire about your program requirements and be available for an interview. Please allow at least three weeks to complete this part of the process.

• Email to receive the internship/practicum questionnaire.

• You will need to provide a copy of any expectations, requirements, learning contracts or paperwork involved with your internship at or before your interview.

• If you are selected for an internship or practicum, you will need to complete our online volunteer application at least two weeks prior to your start date.

The application can be found at:

• Photocopies of state issued identification and the social security number of the applicant must be supplied for the required background check.

Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn. -Benjamin Franklin


In-kind gifts of furniture, household items, linens, diapers, select clothing items and many other necessities are needed on an ongoing basis in our programs.

Family Services Center 12 E 5th Spokane WA 7am - 6pm Monday - Thursday (509) 358-4250 Our main administration building accepts smaller donations (clothing, linens, etc) for all of our programs. The items are then moved to the Furniture Bank, sorted, and disseminated. However, if you have donations that meet the specific interest of one of our programs (see below), dropping them at the appropriate location is most helpful.

CAPA/PREPARES Lower Level 25 W 5th Spokane WA 8am - 5pm Monday - Thursday (509) 455-4986 Needs: • Diapers (especially sizes 3-6) and wipes • Baby and toddler clothing (sizes newborn - 5 years) • Baby toiletries • Gently used toys, strollers, pack n plays, Boppies, etc. (We are sorry we cannot accept used car seats or cribs)

If your organization wants to hold a ‘drive’ for a good cause, CAPA would love for you to host a diaper drive or our traveling crib!

Furniture Bank 919 E Trent Ave Spokane WA Tuesday - Saturday (509) 991-9345 Needs:

• Mattresses - new/gently used (twin size preferred - no king size) • Clean Bedding

• Cooking and Dining Utensils • Furniture and Small Appliances • Towels

House of Charity 32 W Pacific Ave Spokane WA (509) 624-7821 x 104 Needs: • Towels, blankets • Personal size Toiletries • Sugar, coffee, butter for kitchen • Hats, gloves, mittens • Socks • Feminine Hygiene products • Men’s and Women’s underwear Housing 12 E 5th Spokane WA 7am - 6pm Monday - Thursday (509) 358-4250 Needs: • Can Openers • Toilet Paper, Facial Tissue, Paper Towels

• Feminine Hygiene Products • Pet Food for Service Animals

Rising Strong 1960 N Holy Name Court Spokane WA (509) 960-8638 Needs: • Diapers/Toiletries • Clothing, Socks, Underwear • Books, Toys, Games • Cleaning Supplies • Bedding and Pillows • Towels

St Anne’s Children and Family Center 25 W 5th Spokane WA 7am - 6pm Monday - Friday (509) 232-1111 Needs: • Children’s clothing • Books • Art supplies • Toys

St Margaret’s Shelter 101 E Hartson Spokane WA (509) 624-9788 Needs: • Diapers (especially sizes 3-6) and wipes • Gently used women’s clothing (especially work attire) • Children’s clothing, toys, school supplies

• Toiletries (lotion, soap, shampoo) • Non-perishable food pantry items • Towels, bathmats, dishware, small household items

For it is in the giving that we receive.

-St. Francis of Assisi


SCHOOLS/CLASSROOMS Gardening at Food for All Farm, decorating shelters for the holidays, donation drives CLUBS AND CIVIC GROUPS Sorting and organizing donations, donation drives, yard clean-ups, serving a meal YOUTH GROUPS Sorting and organizing donations, childcare supervision, gardening at The Farm

BUSINESSES Sorting donations, cooking and serving a meal, building maintenance


Leaf raking, donation drives, socializing with shelter patrons

FAMILIES Leaf raking, yard clean-ups, bundling diapers for our diaper bank

We can accomodate groups of 5-50 people. Groups with children under 16 will need one chaperone for every ten children.

To get started volunteering...

Visit our website at OR contact the Volunteer Services Manager at 509.358.4270 or


Donate time and talent

Donate gently used items

Make a financial gift

Make a bequest or a memorial gift

Pray or advocate

Become a Partner in Hope with a monthly gift CALL (509) 459-6174 or visit Commit to the future with a gift to the Catholic Charities Foundation CALL (509) 455-3033

Ask your employer for a CHARITABLE MATCHING form! If offered, your gift to us grows.

Designate Catholic Charities Spokane through your WORKPLACE GIVING payroll deduction program • WA State Combined Fund Drive #0316163 • United Way - Complete Donor Option Form • Combined Federal Campaign #22732


Catholic Charities is a family of supporters and volunteers, clients and patrons, united by the belief that every person is a child of God, worthy of dignity and compassion. We are grateful every day for the privilege of serving our community. Thank you again for making the commitment to give time and talent in our programs.





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Catholic Charities Eastern Washington



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