CCEW Volunteer Handbook

In 1912, Catholic Social Betterment League began when representatives from eight parishes met at Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral to explore working together. Priorities were assistance with food, clothing, shelter and medications.


For over 105 years, Catholic Charities has served our community and lived our mission by affirming the dignity of every person in need regardless of circumstances. Many people are surprised to learn that over 70,000 individuals receive assistance each year through our diverse network of programs and housing communities that span across 13 counties in Eastern Washington. From birth to end of life, we reach out to respond to crisis, stabilize lives and advocate in hope. The House of Charity, St. Margaret’s Shelter, and Rising Strong, meet individuals in crisis with shelter, food, resources, and supportive services. Catholic Housing Communities, Senior Services, and Food for All provide stability with affordable housing, household chore assistance, and food access. We offer pathways that provide hope for a better future through our Childbirth and Parent Assisting Program (CAPA/PREPARES), Counseling, the Furniture Bank, Immigration Legal Services, Emergency Assistance, and St. Anne’s Children & Family Center. Catholic Charities Walla Walla, and regional offices in Brewster, Colville, and Pasco, extend our compassionate reach outside of Spokane. Providing services of this scope and magnitude is only possible with the help of the greater community. We work with municipalities, other charitable organizations and churches, and businesses of all kinds to find ways to meet the needs of the thousands who come to us seeking help and hope. Three hundred staff members, driven by Catholic Charities’ core values of respect, compassion, collaboration and justice, work with approximately 6,000 volunteers annually who assist in serving patrons and clients in their programs. Generous in-kind donations of food, diapers, clothing, furniture, toiletries, and other items, are gratefully accepted, and monetary donations are absolutely critical for program operations and other supportive services. Responding to crisis. Stabilizing lives. Advocating in hope. This is the work of Catholic Charities. Our organization, founded on Catholic social teachings, has provided hope for generations and will continue to provide transformative services that improve the quality of life for people living in our area.

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