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Provost’s Art Gallery & General Store New and Hard to Find Limited Edition Prints & Custom Framing P.O. Box (Main Street), Moose Creek, ON K0C 1W0 Tel: (613) 538-2288 53, rue Labrosse St., Moose Creek, ON Tel: 613-538-2977 Fax: 613 538-2978 E-mail:

Moose Creek, which is strategically located at one hour from Ottawa’s downtown and some 30 minutes from Cornwall, offers many products and services. The village is part of the Township of Stormont-Dundas, a munici- pality with a population of nearly 7,000 people. The first setters were mostly Scottish. Residents believe that the name of their village was coined by hunters. Near the village there is a miniature waterfall, which rarely freezes over. This made a good drinking place for ani- mals, including the moose. The moose followed the creek to the drinking hole, followed by the hunters. Thus to distinguish the different waterways, among the hunters, it became known as Moose Creek. The first house was built on the west side of the creek by a Mr. McFall. Moose Creek’s reputation as a thriving business community started over a century ago. During those first years, several businesses offered their prod- ucts and services, including a shoe shop, where the best ladies shoes in this part of the country were reputedly made, as well as a tailor shop. The first general stores in the community were owned by Mr. Steinberg and Vineburg. Mr. Vineburg’s store offered a wide range of merchandise, in- cluding high wines and white whiskey. Mills were the chief industry in the early days of the village.


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