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Helena Esmonde, PT, DPT

Helena specializes in treating patients with neurologic, balance, and vestibular conditions, received her psychology undergraduate degree at Northwestern University and graduated Cum Laude from Marquette University’s Doctoral Physical Therapy program in 2005. She is trained to use both infrared goggles to help accurately diagnose and treat vestibular conditions and the innovative BalanceWear vest to assist patients with diagnoses such as stroke, MS, Parkinson’s, cerebellar ataxia, traumaticbrain injury, peripheral neuropathy, and other gait/balance issues. She presented a poster on the BalanceWear vest at the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association’s annual

conference in 2015. Helena also became Vestibular Competencied at Emory University in 2015, certified to treat Cervicogenic Dizziness in 2016, and assisted teaching the lab portion of an Advanced Concussion course for North American Seminars in 2017. Helena is highly trained to treat complex balance issues, vestibular dysfunction and traumatic brain injuries including concussions. Dedicated to student education, she has served as a teaching assistant at Temple, Jefferson, Neumann, and the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, and earned an advanced clinical instructor certification. Helena has also presented at organizational and area Vestibular Special Interest Groups, Balance Center rounds at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and the Penn Medicine Mind Your Brain Conference. As an avid runner herself, Helena enjoys volunteering at local races to support her community.

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