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An Ounce of Prevention Solving Pet Mysteries With Dr. Jennifer Boeche

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a plan that helps them get better.

Colt here. I’m a border collie who works with cattle for a living. There are a lot of other dogs I work with, but my best friend is a little boy named Wyatt. We’ve only been together for a few months, but already I know Wyatt is my favorite member of the pack. When Wyatt’s mom, Dr. Jennifer Boeche, let us play together for the first time, I think she was surprised by how quickly we connected. Wyatt is only 2 years old, so he’s pretty small. He doesn’t like it when dogs try to jump up on him, and I can’t blame him. When we play together, I take care to stay calm. Wyatt and I spend hours exploring the yard, digging up holes, and playing catch with a ball or a water bottle. While Wyatt is by far my favorite person, I’d be lying if I said his mom, Jenn, wasn’t also pretty cool. She’s a vet, so she is great at connecting with animals of all sorts. I happen to know she has a very special place in her heart for horses. Jenn’s been riding horses her whole life. We have a couple of horses today, including Jennifer’s horse, Witt. He’s pretty cool. The reason Jenn decided to become a vet is because when she was a little girl, one of her horses got really sick. It broke her heart and set Jenn on the path to veterinary medicine. She wanted to help people with their animals so they wouldn’t have to feel the way she did when she lost her horse. Though Jenn loves horses, she’s great with all kinds of animals and very passionate about working with them. I can speak from experience. Jenn’s favorite part about being a vet is being able to take a sick pet, figure out what’s wrong with them, and make

Just recently, she saw a dog

who had suddenly started going to the bathroom inside the house and gained a lot of weight for no reason. Jenn had her suspicions as to the cause, but ran some

tests first. Sure enough, this dog had diabetes! Jenn started her on insulin injections and instructed the owner to buy diabetic dog food. Now that dog is enjoying a healthy life again. Mystery solved! In addition to working with pets, vets spend an awful lot of time working with people. This includes the owners of the animals they’re helping and the other team members at the clinic. Jenn says that at Town & Country Veterinary Clinic, the team really cares about the best interests of each pet. They work hard to make sure each animal receives the best care and that nothing is overlooked. It’s really a team effort between the vet, clinic staff, and the owner to get a pet feeling well again. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that’s really true when it comes to veterinary medicine. When you have a vet who knows their stuff and owners who make sure to keep up to date on vaccines and checkups, any pet can enjoy playing water-bottle fetch with their best friend for years to come.



Treating Your Pets Like Family



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