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Opening Doors, Opening Hearts

When you think of William Shatner, you probably think, like most of us, of James Tiberius Kirk. The pivotal role captured our attention and made the man an icon to Trekkies and mainstream folk alike. But as with most celebrities, there’s more to William Shatner than his fame. You probably don’t think of horses or charity when it comes to the former Star Trek star, but those are two things Mr. Shatner has been bringing together in Hollywood for almost 20 years. This past June, William Shatner put on his annual charity event, the Hollywood Charity Horse Show. The idea for the show came about in the 1980s, when Mr. Shatner saw an exhibition put on by children with severe handicaps. Some of them had such severe physical limitations that they could not hold their heads up, but they were still performing intricate exercises on horseback. Thanks to therapeutic riding group Ahead With Horses, the children were given the opportunity to do more than what they thought they were capable of. The show had a big impact on Mr. Shatner, and he knew he wanted to support the cause. “You can’t watch these kids without knowing you have to help, somehow,” Mr. Shatner said. A few years later, the first Hollywood Charity Horse Show took place, and it’s been growing ever since. It’s also one of the rare events that gives 100 percent of its proceeds to charities. We were fortunate enough to be guests of Mr. Shatner’s, and the evening did not disappoint. They put on an equestrian show and provided plenty of entertainment,

The incredible Captain Kirk (akaWilliam Shatner) with CRE Outreach Director Greg Shane at this year's Hollywood Charity Horse Show.

music, and fun. There were also many generous volunteers who devoted their time to helping the event run smoothly. It truly was an evening to remember. The event benefited 15 charities, including one dear to my heart, CRE. In fact, my friend Greg Shane, co-founder of CRE, attended the event to support the cause. Afterward, he shared these kind words about Mr. Shatner and his wife, Elizabeth: “You both have hearts of gold and your support for the past 10 years has helped give the opportunity for so many individuals to have their voices heard.” As Greg said, it was a magical evening. Mr. Shatner’s compassion and generosity reminded me why it’s so important to be involved in events like this one. If there’s

one thing I want to use my knowledge and influence for, it’s programs like CRE. These organizations change lives and give me a renewed passion for the work I do with families and their loved ones. They’re opening up opportunities and breaking down boundaries for people who are different. Reaching out to the community and doing charitable events like the Hollywood Charity Horse Show is so important to me, and I’m excited to be involved in more events like Mr. Shatner’s this year. They help connect people from different backgrounds and highlight the good things that organizations like CRE are doing. Keep up the good work, Mr. Shatner and Greg!

–Arthur J. Swerdloff


www.lawwithasmile.com • 310-577-9104

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