The Fastest Way to Improve Your Life

by Julie Ziglar Norman


any of you may be familiar with this quote of my father’s: “Your

property. You guessed it: It was already gone - snatched up in a nanosecond. And that is GREAT NEWS! I choose every day to get excited about other people’s great fortune because I know that there are plenty of times when other folks get the same news I got yesterday because I helped my clients get what they wanted. There is plenty of real estate to go around, even when the market is said to be tight and the inventory has been labeled as short. My belief that I am the best person possible to put the right client with the right property is directly linked to the attitude I have chosen. I don’t waste a moment considering what my chances of finding that property are; I know if I keep a great attitude and ap- ply myself, I will ultimately find exactly what my client is looking for. •

I am blessed to sell both retail and investment residential and commer- cial properties in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas. I say blessed because our market is amazingly strong. Guess what word rhymes with blessed? Stressed! Yes, this great market adds a level of stress that demands I choose an attitude of gratitude. There is so much competition for the available properties that we must respond to opportunities with lightning speed if we want to have our offers or our clients’ offers considered and accepted. Am I complaining? No! But some people are. Are they making deals? Probably not as many as they could if they chose to see the opportunity in- stead of the challenges that the opportu- nity presents. Yesterday, I became aware of a res- idential investment property my real estate firm had just made available. I knew as soon as I saw it that one of my California clients would love the property and the numbers, so I called our office to get more details on the

attitude, not your aptitude, will deter- mine your altitude.” I believe one of the greatest gifts my father ever gave me was the knowledge that my attitude is my choice. As a result, I discovered that the fastest way to improve my life is to change and improve my choices. Choosing to have a bad attitude is the equivalent of holding a grudge, except that bad attitudes spill over onto a multitude of people instead of just one. In my real estate business, the only atti- tude I need to be projecting is a positive one. If I can’t see and share the up-side of circumstances, how can I hold out hope to my clients or keep going in the face of personal disappointment? Regardless of what kind of real estate you are involved in, if you’ve been involved very long, you well know that things don’t always work out the way we would prefer. Staying positive and encouraging yourself or your client is essential to your success and theirs.

Julie Ziglar Norman is a realtor with Prime Properties Realty. She believes in “Investing Simplified,” and may be reached at 817-233-8444 or

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