Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

96 We got our reservations for Sunday at 4 PM on the CAT which reaches Bar Harbor, ME, in about 3 hours. We are to be at the port between 2 and 3 PM because we have to clear Canadian customs before boarding the boat. We shopped at the Visitors Center and got several souvenir items like calendars, Tee-shirts, etc. We also learned that the money exchange will be open on Sunday so that we can turn in our Canadian money before we leave. The CAT operates on US dollars. C APE F ORCHU L IGHTHOUSE Following all that “ business, ” we decided to visit the lighthouse on Cape Forchu before meeting Genevieve. The lighthouse is one of the few that has been turned over to the local area rather than being retained by the Federal Government. Therefore, it is maintained by a charitable group — Friends of the Lighthouse. They have a couple of gift shops and ask that people make a contribution when they visit the museum rather than charging an admission fee. The lighthouse is the “ apple-core ” style and stands 91 meters high.

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