Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

97 We watched the day ’ s CAT leave the harbor and round the lighthouse point while we were there. The rocky base of this lighthouse is dramatic but so different from the terrain at Peggy ’ s Cove Light. Forchu ’ s is built upon dark, sharp-edged, shattered boulders while those at Peggy ’ s Cove are huge, rounded, light in color, and unbroken. Amazing that the “ rocky coast ” of Nova Scotia can be so different such a few miles apart!

The area we drove through to reach the Cape and Light was very pretty with farms, well-kept homes, and some working fishing wharves. We did enjoy our excursion very much but we were also aware that we could not be late in meeting Genevieve for supper. So after we watched the CAT leave Yarmouth Harbour, we rushed back to town (we had previously located the restaurant), entered the parking lot with a sigh of relief since we were actually about 20 minutes early — however Genevieve was already there. Anyhow we were not late. The dinner was excellent all around — the food was delicious (lobster sandwiches, fish cakes, and scallops) and the company was enjoyable. We all had a good time and there were no awkward silences or topics. Genevieve asked us to her home for dinner but we compromised in agreeing to come over for hot chocolate in the afternoon rather than put her to the trouble of fixing a meal for us. That was readily agreed to so we will probably visit her tomorrow afternoon after we finish our sightseeing at Annapolis Royal. The stars we saw tonight were just stunning — we could even see the Milky Way so clearly that it seemed to lean down and almost touch us. The sky was sparkling and the lake was mirroring the diamonds in the sky. We even saw some shooting stars. Mists were rising from the lake again and we almost convinced ourselves we were seeing the Northern Lights — but . . .

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