Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


A NNAPOLIS R OYAL Day 23 - Another crystal clear day in Nova Scotia! We woke up to the bluest, cloudless skies & fairly cool temps (34 degrees) and just a wonderful view of turning leaves and mists over the lake. We can ’ t believe our luck with this weather. Even though we took a few cold gear things, we just knew that the temps would rise and we would not need all that stuff! Our drive this morning took us to Annapolis Royal, the seat of the British government in NS from 1710 to 1849 when Halifax was founded and became the capital. The road down was good and occasionally we saw some really stunning leaf displays, but generally it was just one quaint little town after another. We could see the Digby Neck across the Bay as we approached Annapolis Royal, but the folks at the Visitor Info in Digby pretty much convinced us that we would not be seeing any puffins if we went whale watching from Westport or Brier Island at the end of the Neck. So we bagged that possible plan. The goal of our tour of Annapolis Royal was to visit the Historic Gardens and to see the Tidal Energy Complex on the Annapolis River. We got to the Gardens about 11:30 AM and went right on in. The gardens are quite lovely and we were surprised and pleased to see so much vegetation still in bloom. The map told us that there were several different areas in the gardens: a rose collection, an innovations section, the pine forest, the rock garden, the knot garden, and the perennial section. We explored all of them and enjoyed everything we saw.

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