Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

101 enough and pleasant enough. Learned from the lady there that the “ Stop the Quarry ” signs we had been seeing concerned a permit given to a New Jersey company to mine basalt at White Cove on Digby Neck. Those who are opposed to the project fear the damage to the environment, the fishing industry, and tourism. The permit was given in secret so that the people in the area (and all over N.S.) were never given an opportunity to express their views on the proposed project. Now there is much bitterness, but also lots of hopelessness since the “ anti ” folks don ’ t feel they are going to be able to do much beyond delaying tactics. We would see Fort Aonne across the street from the Café but decided not to go inside since it was very similar to Louisburg which we had just visited a couple of days ago. So we went to the Tidal Energy Complex instead. It turned out to be disappointing since it was not at all what we had expected. The turbines do not turn with the incoming and outgoing tidal pulls which is what we thought it would be. Rather, the incoming tide is used to dam up water in a reservoir temporarily until a certain height is reached. When that critical number is reached, the water is released to run into the horizontal turbines just like any other hydroelectric project. It ’ s just that the tides bring the water into the reservoir and take it back out again. Driving home, we read a very confusing, boring, poorly written brief history of the Acadians and their troubles with both the French and English politics of their day. However, it was so badly done that we really didn ’ t learn much that we haven ’ t already picked up elsewhere. B AD W EATHER F ORECAST As we had promised, we called Genevieve when we reached her exit on Route 101 (32) and asked if it was convenient to visit her then. She talked us to her house and we had a nice visit with her, her daughter, her daughter-in-law, and several grandchildren. She served us the promised hot chocolate and we got a tour of the 180 year old house and her lovely back 40 which includes a salmon river running right through it. Her daughter Caroline really threw a monkey wrench into our thinking about when we would be leaving this area. She told us that terrible weather is predicted for Saturday and Sunday and that it was likely that the CAT trips might be cancelled or that we would be pretty sick on the boat if the trips did go. So now we have to face those possibilities and try to figure out what to do about getting to Gena and David ’ s when we said we would. Tonight ’ s weather report on the TV suggested nothing half so bad as Caroline had told us about, so now we will wait to see what it looks like tomorrow before we decide what to do. Nobody wants to be sick on the boat and nobody wants to drive on skinny, two-laned roads during a hurricane or horrible rainstorm. I don ’ t particularly want to be on the CAT in terrible waves and swells and 90 km. winds either. What a conundrum!

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