Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

102 CAT C ANCELLED D UE TO W EATHER Day 24 - Rainy, blustery day today. Not cold though. However, after trying to figure out what the weather is like all the way into New Brunswick, we began to feel a bit frustrated. A call to the CAT office did tell us that the “ Cat-calls ” for the day had been cancelled. The captain would not be leaving Bar Harbor today due to the strong winds, big swells, high waves, etc. We then tried to find out whether or not we should leave by car today. A call to the RCMP yielded a number we could call for weather updates. That automated system was not very helpful except to give us another number to call (this one cost 2.99 a minute to get a one-on-one analysis). The long and the short of it all was that we would be better off waiting til tomorrow when the weather system was expected to clear the area entirely. The lady told me that it was entirely probable that the CAT would make its ports tomorrow. So, we stayed in town. Pat to visit some friends from her youth and Kay and Lois to do some shopping. We would meet for lunch. Sharon decided to stay at the cottage and enjoy the peace and quiet and inactivity. Around 11 AM, Lois and Kay began walking along Main Street and stopping in every appropriate shop while window-wishing in the others. When we got to the Visitor Center where we had agreed to meet Pat, we found her already there. She had been able to meet only with Ray Baker because his wife, Imogene, was off shopping & having lunch with her daughters. So the three of us went ahead and enjoyed lunch ourselves at Wendy ’ s and then Pat called the Baker household again to see if Imogene had yet returned.

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