Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

104 B ACK TO THE USA Day 25 - What a difference a day makes — 24 little hours! We woke to blue skies, bright sunshine, no wind, and warm temperatures. A call to the CAT confirmed what we saw in Quinan — the weather really had turned around. So we knew that we would be going over to Bar Harbor at 4 PM After packing everything up, we went to work on the cottage — vacuuming, removing the dirty linens, putting away all the dishes, getting the garbage out. We wanted to leave it as neat and orderly as we had found it. We left notes to Genevieve and to Edgar thanking them for the wonderful time we had spent there. Sharon wrote a little poem for Edgar telling him how much we had enjoyed his “ home away from home. ” All of us understand why he likes it so much over there. Then we drove into town, found a dumpster to handle the last of our garbage and then drove on the Cape Forchu lighthouse so Kay could take some pictures of the pictures in the upstairs display rooms which covered Imogene ’ s father ’ s tenure as keeper. Sharon went to get coffee, Lois went to the gift shop to see if she had missed anything and ended up buying another book there ( “ The Nighthawk ” a book about a Confederate spy who spends her time in Halifax getting all the information she could — written by a lady who lived through the Civil War herself in Halifax). We tried to find Margi and Wayne ’ s house on the Cape (Ray & Imogene ’ s daughter & son-in-law) and took a picture of the one we thought it was. Then we watched the Prince of Fundy pull out of the harbor for its 10 hr. trip to Portland, ME. When we got back to Yarmouth, we went to the Visitor Center to exchange our Canadian money for US dollars and then we walked around town a bit more. Some stores were open even though it was Sunday and we made a couple more purchases (one of those awful little monks for Betsy). Saw a peregrine falcon on Cape Forchu as we left the Lighthouse. Talk about coincidences! Who should hail us from their car as we strolled along Main Street but Genevieve and Caroline who were heading for Frenchy ’ s to do some clothes shopping. So we had a chance to talk with them a little bit more and say some more goodbyes. Genevieve had gone to the cottage right after we left to say so long again but she missed us by about 30 minutes. Nice ladies, though Caroline once again tried to make us very apprehensive about our upcoming CAT trip! She was just sure that all of us would be very sick since there are supposed to be big swells and the vessel doesn ’ t handle well. After we said goodbye to them again, we drove to the port to get our tickets for the CAT and find a place in line. We sat there for about 1 ¼ hrs before the boarding began. It proceeded very languidly and we found out why only after we were aboard ourselves. The cargo area for vehicles is actually double-decker and the 2nd story has to be lifted after it is full in order to begin loading the lower level. Pat had to back us in to our place and she did a great job.

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