Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

105 Well, Caroline was totally, totally wrong! Our trip couldn ’ t have been smoother — the Atlantic was like glass really.

Some of watched football games on the excellent TV screen (Kay), some gambled in the little casino, losing their money (Pat and Sharon), and some of us just read Nevada Barr ’ s “ Blood Lure ” and looked out the windows every once in a while. We had decided not to eat on the ferry since it would be an hour earlier when we arrived in Maine. Since we were near the last on the CAT, we were among the first off and we got through Customs with no troubles or delays at all. Got the first motel room we could find since it got dark before we left Customs and the road to Bangor is narrow, twisty and really dark. We decided that we did not need to drive on that treacherous stretch at night. So we are staying in an overpriced but available motel in Bar Harbor. We had supper across the street in a decent place which was a little overwhelmed with all the folks wanting supper at about the same time — 7:30 PM But eat we did and now we are in our room with no HBO for The Sopranos. But we are happy anyway — back in the USA!

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