Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

106 M AINE WITH R ELATIVES DAY 26 - Not a particularly good night for sleeping last night, and it probably had something to do with the fact that we ate supper so late at night. That, plus the fact that it was hot, hot, hot in our room. Anyway, we were all up and dressed and ready to leave the place by about 8 PM. Had our breakfast at the Log Cabin where we had eaten last night and then we headed down the road towards Freeport first and then East Wakefield, New Hampshire. Our day was rainy and misty and grisly grey grusset, but that did not ruin the scenes of beautifully colorful leaves. Maine had much more color showing than Nova Scotia and we did enjoy every lovely leaf — reds, yellows, browns, russets, and all colors in between. Of course, we knew that sunshine would have greatly improved the picture for us but we are hopeful for tomorrow and the coming days. We got to Freeport about 12 noon and went to Friendly ’ s for lunch and dessert. Then we found parking and headed to our chores. Kay and Pat were in the market for some new hiking boots while Lois and Sharon had the tasks of getting thank you gifts for Genevieve and Edgar. We thought to get something for our “ hostess ” at Crabtree and Evelyn across from LLBean and we did so, pretty easily. In doing so we also got a souvenir for Ruth across the street. We got them each three bars of good smelling soap. We had figured on getting towels for the camp for Edgar, but quickly determined that Freeport was not the right place for that purchase. So we went to a gift and card shop to get thank you notes for everyone and found the perfect thing for him — a photo album with fish on the front — it holds 244 pictures. He has been working on getting his many, many pictures organized for himself and his kids. We hope that this will help him out. Our call to Gena assured her that we would be at their place in time for dinner and we were despite running into to some traffic jams on the way. Dinner was delicious as we would have known with Gena our cook. We discussed a few alternatives for things to do in the next three days and then we watched the President lay out his case for a pre-emptive strike against Iraq and Saddam Hussein. He didn ’ t call it pre-emptive, but that ’ s what it will be if the UN does not manage to force Saddam ’ s hand and the US goes it alone. This is all very unsettling and frightening, but we have to believe that Bush and Company knows so many things that we do not know. It seems that we can only pray for our country and the world now.

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