Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

V ISITING WITH R ELATIVES IN N EW H AMPSHIRE M OUN W ASHINGTON H OTEL Day 27 - Another beautiful day dawned over Round Pond today. So after our tasty breakfast, we headed off in Dave ’ s van for the Mount Washington Hotel and what we hoped would be great views of the mountain. We planned for a picnic along the way as well and took a cooler and lots of goodies.


The day was cool but not really uncomfortable (except in the wind) and there were many patches of glorious leaf colors along the way. We visited Dave & Gena ’ s preferred golf course which is partly in Maine and partly in New Hampshire. We did some riding along the Kancamagus Highway which was really beautiful and we stopped along the way for some photos and exploration of the area.

Our picnic site was on a lake with mallards afloat on its surface. The sandwiches were delicious and we all enjoyed the spot and the food. Then we drove on to the Mount Washington Hotel.

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