Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


M ADISON B OULDER On the way home, we stopped for ice cream and then rode towards home. We stopped at Madison, NH, to see the Madison Boulder — a huge glacial erratic (one of the largest in the world according to the signage).

It ’ s really enormous — 87 ft. long, 37 ft. high, 29 ft wide and it weighs 4,662 tons! There it sits, stupefying, in a quiet woodsy setting without much heralding. The boulder and the land it sits on were donated to the state by two fellows in the 60s. We decided that this donation was not being honored very well. There needs to be more signage helping folks find it and there needs to be more protection so that people do not deface it with graffiti. We had a Dave favorite meal for supper — American chop suey. It was really tasty and reminded me a lot of my mother ’ s Greek hamburger. Now it ’ s TV time and getting showers and having the laundry done. Another wonderful day all around.

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