Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


L AKE W INAPAUSAKEE C RUISE Day 28 - Morning was not quite as clear as yesterday, but certainly clear enough for our planned boat ride on Lake Winapausakee. We left the house around 10 AM so that Dave could stop at the bank and P.O. before heading over to Wolfeboro to meet the boat by 11:15 AM

We got on the M/S Mount Washington and had some lunch shortly thereafter. The lunch came from the grille and was good enough. We had looked at the $10.00 buffet and it looked decidedly mediocre, so we decided on the Grille. Good choice and cheaper. The ride was lovely and we enjoyed seeing all the enormous mansions on the shores of the Lake as well as on the many islands in the Lake. The surface was still and the trip was delightful. Afterwards, we did a little shopping in the first resort town in the USA (1770); how could be resist? Got a couple of candies at the candy store and then bought some Xmas cards at Black ’ s where I had bought some the year before.

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