Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

11 N EW C ASTLE , DE After we left the Museum, we headed for downtown New Castle, DE, so that we could see this “ first city in the first state. ” This city was founded by William Penn in 1682 and many of the buildings date from very soon afterward. As an example, Jessop ’ s Tavern where we had a most delicious supper dates from 1724. It was a narrow building with low ceilings but very atmospheric. We all made delicious choices of what we wanted to eat and all of it was really special! The town is so quaint and full of period buildings, quite well preserved and cared for. Lots of federal style homes and plenty of green spaces all around as well. The little town is built on the banks of the Delaware River and one of its commons runs right along the waterfront. Another important green space is right in the center of the town. All 1000 acres of the green space was donated by William Penn and has been managed by a special Board of Trustees ever since. It is not owned by the city or state, but by those trustees. We are home again to our little narrow Motel 6 room, but everyone is full and happy and ready for more adventures tomorrow. Today was beautiful, including the weather, but by afternoon, storm clouds had gathered and we hoped that this area would finally get the rains it so desperately needs. But by 7 PM when we returned home, no drops had fallen.

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