Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

M OULTONBURG , N EW H AMPSHIRE C ASTLEINTHE C LOUDS Day 29 - This was our coldest day and one of the few rainy, gray days too! We ’ ve really been so lucky with the weather, so we are not complaining. Our goal today was to see the Castle in the Clouds in Moultonburg, NH. Dave decided that the amount of walking required would be too much for him so he elected to stay home. Gena drove us up there. The drive up there was quite lovely despite the grayness. It seemed that we saw several stands of wonderful leaves and there were so many lovely farms and tiny towns on the way up. We all enjoyed the trip as well as the castle visit. It was sweet of Gena to take us, so we paid her way in.


The visit is started in the old carriage house, really the stable for Mr. Plant ’ s horses. The stalls are now little places with tables and chairs for the grille food you can buy there — sandwiches and pizza are the main things. There are also potties there for visitor convenience. The jitneys run from the carriage house to the castle itself. Thomas G. Plant was a multimillionaire who purchased the site and planned the building as a gift for his second wife, Olive. It took three years for the house to be completed and Mr. Plant did not call it a castle at all — he named it “ Lucknow. ” A self-educated man raised in poverty, Mr. Plant made

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