Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

114 V ISITING IN S YRACUSE , NY Day 30 - We got the send-off we would have expected from Gena this morning: ham, eggs, home fries and English muffins. We waited for Dave to get home from the dump before leaving, about 9:15. What a wonderful interlude we spent with them. They are both gracious hosts and easy to be with. The roads between E. Wakefield and the NY border are only little country lanes so no real time can be made on them. We weren ’ t even to NY state by 1:30 when we had lunch. Getting off track a tad and going through Massachusetts and Berkshires really didn ’ t add that much to our time on the road either. The leaves were gorgeous and the little towns and villages were just so charming. However, along about 3:30 we began to realize how late we were going to be getting into Syracuse, so we called to tell them so. Once again, I learned that my cell phone service has still not been reinstated. Good thing that Pat ’ s was charged and ready to go. So we actually pulled in at 131 Downing Street about 7 PM Of course, we did stop in Ilion so Kay could show Pat and Sharon around a bit, particularly the farmhouse. Along our way, still in NH, we did see the last creature on our list — a coyote. We were about 20 east of Keene, NH, when he ran across the road, brave as you please and disappeared into the woods on the opposite side. He was a healthy looking specimen and we were so happy to have seen him! Suzanne and Hetty had planned a birthday party for me too. There were banners reading Happy Birthday everywhere and their friend Joan was on hand to help with the festivities. How thoughtful, eh what? Got a book to read called “ Zippy ”— a friend had recommended it to them for me. Also a wonderful fir needle candle to read it by. They even had a Carvel birthday cake for me — delicious. Hetty had cooked a wonderful meal for the celebration as well: mixed green salad with mandarin oranges, walnuts and feta cheese, roast chicken, boiled potatoes, and cauliflower with carrots. Tasty, tasty! Now everyone is falling by the wayside so we have urged all to beddies. Tomorrow is another day — though we do not know what kind of weather we will have. Today was overcast and leaden all through the three states we visited. We have many options of things to do so none of us is worried about it.

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