Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

115 Day 31 - The weather is nothing if not surprising — we got up this morning to overcast skies but no rain and amazingly warm temperatures. So we briggled around having breakfast, getting showers, dressing, etc., and finally decided about 11 AM that it was time to go do something. F ARMER ' S M ARKET First stop was a Farmer ’ s Market which gave us a chance to sample a little of Syracuse ’ s vegetable and cultural life. The farm products were handsome and we were quite surprised at how cheap the homegrown goodies were selling. There was also a section with what looked like “ hot ” items selling even more cheaply — tools, batteries, scissors, culinary knives. There were the expected booths with beanie babies, painted gourds, homemade jellies and preserves. W ALKAT O NONDAGA L AK E After we spent a little money there, we decided to go walking at Onondaga Lake in the middle of Syracuse. The day stayed moderate and no rains came. Our walk was pleasant and none too taxing. However, by the time we finished we were all pretty hungry and came home to eat sandwiches way too late for the supper that Hetty had planned of her own “ from scratch ” lasagna. Hetty had been to see a foreign movie she was very enthusiastic about and wondered if we all might like to see it too. Of course, that answer was a foregone conclusion. Their little art film house was about a mile away and we went to the 4:15 show of “ Mostly Martha ”— a silly name for a slyly taking movie. The acting was so effective, especially the little girl of about 8 years old. All the characters were engaging and the main character (& even the little girl) showed some real development and change. The movie was German made with subtitles. Such a miracle to see movies about decent people with no guns and no explosions. They still have not caught the Washington, D.C., sniper, so I am not sure we will be going into Western Maryland as we had planned — to see Antietam and the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts. Too scary since he is moving around in the area as far south as Fredericksburg, VA.

Time for beddies now since we are all tuckered out. Think I will get to read a bit before sleep.

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