Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


A PPLE F ESTIVAL Day 32 - This day was a fooler — started off just beautifully — sunshine and blue skies. So after breakfast (long after breakfast), we got ourselves together and decided to go hiking at Green Lakes. However, we soon saw that rain was going to be in the picture quite soon. That meant that the Apple Festival sounded pretty good as an alternative. The Festival route took us through the Onondaga Reservation — how different an east coast “ rez ” appears compared with the ones on the plains in the Dakotas, etc. It must be because there are so many lovely and full trees rather than barren sweeps into dry mountains and altiplano. These particular members of the old Iroquois Confederacy aren ’ t doing as well as their brother nation, the Oneidas who have figured out how to use the white man ’ s vices against him — their gambling casino, Turning Stone, is doing quite well. The Apple Festival was much bigger than even Suzanne and Hetty had imagined. There were about 8 large tents with every kind of craft plus a dozen or more different ways to serve apples. We bought a couple of things, including a “ bread & butter ” gift for our wonderful hostesses — cute little steeping stone with a happy fish smiling up at everyone and flipping his little tail. When we left the Apple Festival, we were headed to Green Lakes to hike, but the weather had another idea — the rains got heavier and heavier so we quickly revealed our flexibility and switched plans. We stopped by Blockbuster and got three movies and decided to order ribs for a late lunch- supper combo. The movies we watched last night were “ Monsters, Inc. ” and “ The Rookie ” which we were both enjoyable. And we still have “ Kissing Jessica Stein ” to go for Monday. The NY Times was a wonderful part of our day as well. Haven ’ t seen one in a long time and really enjoyed it. Finished Nevada Barr ’ s “ Blood Lure ” during the day as well. A fine, relaxing day — just love those rainy days after all.

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