Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


G REEN L AKES S TATE P ARK Day 33 - Another big surprise in the weather department today. Clear skies and really cool temps, very conducive to our anticipated hike at Green Lakes State Park. How that lived up to our expectations! Such a lovely spot — beautiful green lakes of glacial origin and lots of colorful leaves, festooning the trees, lining the comfortable path with nature ’ s own “ coat of many colors, ” splashing rainbows in the waters!

We walked for about two hours before deciding that we were hungry enough to head for the nearest Burger King. Hetty and Suzanne were going to the dentist because Suzanne has been in much misery since her tooth cleaning on Thursday and the pain has gotten progressively worse. The lunch was satisfying and really bad for us but we enjoyed it very much. When we reached “ home base, ” we showered and cleaned up, did some reading, and watched the third of the movies — “ Kissing Jessica Stein. ” Rather contrived and somewhat embarrassing in its obviousness — some clever dialogue and some laughs, but mostly quite forgettable.

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