Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

119 It took us about 3 hours to get to Niagara Falls after having left about 8:45 AM We got some advice on how to get where we wanted to go from a nice trip advice dude in a NY State turnpike station. The fine weather stayed with us and we were amazed at how warm it was compared to yesterday. We started at the NY State Park for Niagara Falls to look over the sides of the cliffs to see the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. The water approaching the falls area is absolutely amazing — it looks like the ocean coming at you. The rapids in the Niagara River look like white caps on the sea. Some of the boulders in the River are so big that the waves actually stand up and go backwards again the flow. The falls thunder over the shelves and send out mist and spray quite a distance from the wall of the gorge. Sharon, Kay and Lois had visited Niagara between 30-35 years ago and were pleasantly surprised at how much things have changed there. We all remembered the US side as depressed, tacky, poor, dingy and unattractive. We had all been told to go straight to the Canadian side since the views and the ambience were much better. And it was true back then — flowers everywhere, cheerful kiosks and restaurants, etc. However, now the picture has changed again. The US side has obviously spent megabucks in renovations, new construction, flowers, parklands. So this time we didn ’ t even bother to go over to Canada. As we were walking away from the American Falls, Lois mentioned that she really would like to go on the Cave of the Winds walk into the falls area. So Lois and Kay got tickets and donned the required raingear and shoes for the visit to the bottom of the falls.

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