Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

123 D RIVING S OUTH T HROUGH O HIO ay 35 - To quote Dylan Thomas, “ but the weather turned around! ” And oh how it turned — the rains were falling, the sky was so low we weren ’ t sure whether we were looking at clouds, fog, mist or all three. Nonetheless, we got an early start (8 AM) after our free breakfast at the Days Inn. The roads were interstates so the going wasn ’ t bad even though the weather did not improve until we got to Cleveland. We made pretty good time and reached Sandusky by 12 noon. Once the skies did clear, we had no more rain the rest of the day. Makes for much more relaxing traveling, for sure. We had agreed to meet Sharon R. at the Ruby Tuesday she works in at about 12:30 PM so we called her to alert her to the fact that we had made better time than expected. It was excellent to see her — like us, she looks a bit older but really the same. We had a wonderful time getting caught up with her life and sharing a bit of what ’ s going on with all of us too. It was fun seeing her interact with her co- workers and to see that she is obviously well-liked by them. Wish we could have spent more time with her but since this side-trip to Sandusky was a spur of the moment thing based on our changes of plan, we really could not. But we ’ re happy to have become reacquainted and gotten caught up! The day was really a long drive relieved by a couple of things: cute little historic Ohio towns and villages and a wonderful groundhog in a plowed up field. It was the first one we have seen on this trip and we enjoyed seeing his plump little body standing up straight and tall. We were also surprised to see deer along the route — some in people ’ s backyards and others at the sides of very busy roads. We feared for that second group. An accident on I-75 caused us quite a long delay around Dayton so we decided to stay in the south part of town. We found another “ bargain ” motel just off I-75 for tonight and are staying here rather than trying to push on the Berea which would have taken another 3 hours or more. Besides, Bill and Marilyn are not really expecting us until tomorrow.

So we are getting showers and a chance to see our favorite Wednesday night TV shows — “ West Wing ” and “ Law & Order. ”

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