Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

K ENTUCKY K ENTUCKY H ORSE P ARK Day 36 - Again we enjoyed a free continental breakfast at the motel and then got on our way by about 8:30 AM — late enough to avoid Dayton ’ s morning rush hour. We completed the ride to Cincinnati quicker than we thought and then moved on to Lexington. Sharon suggested that we stop at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington to share a little of state ’ s heritage and interest.


We readily agreed and bought an entrance ticket so we could explore the place. It certainly lived up to the stereotypical picture of a “ Kentucky Horse Park! ” Miles and miles of white wooden fencing with many outbuildings formally structured and neatly manicured. The grass was most definitely Kentucky Blue Grass and the horses in all the many separate paddocks and fields were most certainly Kentucky Blue Bloods! The morning skies had been low and forbidding with some rain squalls, but the heavens above the Horse Park were as blue as the grass on the ground below. So we had another lovely outing on another beautiful day!

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