Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

127 Draft horses, on the other hand, which developed in northern Europe “ selected ” long guts which keep the food in their bodies much longer, allowing fermentation which is another way of dispelling the heat. These animals are much more placid and stolid and require much less food since their efficient long intestines process 90% of the food value in the materials they consume. None of us had ever heard of this genetic difference in the two kinds of horses. See? We did learn a lot from this visit. The other part of the visit for us entailed checking out several of the bronze statues around the Park. Some of them portrayed colts at play, interacting with other species of animals, and prancing with their moms. Others were portraits of famous race horses like Man o ’ War and Secretariat. Man o ’ War is actually buried at the Park and has a whole display to himself, outlining his fame as a terrific horse with a stride of 28 ’ (Secretariat ’ s stride was 24 ’ ) with a will to win. Actually he won 20 of the 21 races he ran! He also had a second career as a very productive stud (Secretariat was not nearly as successful in that area). All in all it was a wonderful visit to a very interesting place and we wished we had more time to spend there. On the way between Lexington and Berea, we saw several wild turkeys by the road side (at least Pat did) so we felt like we had come full circle since we had seen these big birds in the first days of the beginning of this wonderful trip! We reached Bill and Marilyn ’ s about 4 PM and immediately admired the wonderful room they have added to the back of their home. It is a screened and glassed in porch about 18 x 14 feet and is quite comfortable and attractive. Sharon and Bill enjoyed a couple of Scrabble games out there this evening while some of us duds watched TV. Marilyn served us a traditional Feldkamp Halloween season meal — Kentucky chili (which includes spaghetti strands) and apple turnovers (made with peaches this time) with lemon sauce spiked with Jack Daniels and rum. Everything was delicious! Now it ’ s about 10:30 and everyone except Bill and I have headed for beddies. Guess it ’ s about time for me to fold up the old computer as well. Tomorrow we get to do some shopping and visit the new church that we all made monetary contributions to help build. B EREA Day 37 - We all got really restful night sleeps last night — even Pat slept from 9 PM to 8 AM solidly. However, all that laying around meant we got a very late start for our shopping spree. Everyone wanted to get a bath and shampoo before heading out. Bill was our morning chef as well and fixed over-easy eggs and bacon along with some of Marilyn ’ s delicious zucchini bread. So, we actually got out on the road about 10 AM

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