Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

We went to about 4 little shops downtown Berea and all of us bought various and sundry little items — from a mouse statue for John ’ s birthday to little soft animal plushies. Kay got a couple of things for her room like a pottery vase and faux stained glass decoration to hang in her window — a farm scene with rooster and geese, colorful and bright. The clock went racing and we knew we had to be home by 12 to meet Marilyn who was using vacation time to join us. The post office is new and very convenient to the Feldkamp home, so we mailed John ’ s cards and gift from there. Lunch at the house and then we went to visit the new St. Clare ’ s Church. Marilyn got the key and we went inside. The church is really wonderful — consistent with the architectural style of the old church, roof lines, orientation on the property, and inclusion of many of the “ furniture ” of the old church. The oak trees on the property that had been sacrificed for the building were used to make the altar, the pulpit, the accessory chairs to supplement the pews from the old church. The ceiling is made of wood too and soars above the church floor. There is considerably more natural light in the new sanctuary as well. We really thought it was a huge success and congratulated Bill and Marilyn on their hard work in raising the money for the edifice. It ’ s about half paid for now and there are several grant requests still out which may help to defray more of the debt. Our next “ field trip ” took us out to Bill and Marilyn ’ s old house in the country so that Pat could see it. We were surprised to find the young couple who now own it at home with their wonderful pet goats! The female is so soft and lovely and loving as well. However, she is a handicapped critter since her back feet were frostbitten at birth and had to be amputated. Beth wraps her feet everyday with bandages and prostheses to help her be mobile. She seems to do pretty darned well too. She is white with brown areas on her head and ears. Jasper, the male, was black and full of himself — such a cutie, rambunctious and impish. We really enjoyed our visit with them and Pat was impressed with how pretty the “ plantation ” really is. More shopping in the Old Town section of Berea and then we came home to get Bill so we could take them out to dinner as part of the thank you present. We ate at Columbia ’ s Mountain Grille and the food was delicious. The dogs got tasty treats when we got home as well since the portions were enormous. Now we are going to pack the car up in preparation for an early departure in the morning. We have decided to go home via Knoxville, Maggie Valley, and then I-95. We are really sick of the Atlanta run.

What a wonderful visit!


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