Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

13 agreed that the whole complex should be guarded at whatever the cost because this is our tangible link with that courageous and wise world — the men who formed our country and wrote its documents were titans. The Constitution has been amended only 17 times since 1791! Yet it has allowed our country to grow, change, develop, and modify daily life. The central values still obtain — our personal freedoms (the amazing Bill of Rights). Following that moving and fascinating presentation, we went over to the Visitor Center again to see the special exhibition of the Magna Carta (presented by the Perot Foundation). It was quite well done and explained how the Great Charter underlies not only Britain ’ s freedoms and rule of law but also our own. It is the basis of our personal freedoms and the common law as well. The copy on display is one of only 17 extant contemporary copies of the document and is truly as important to us as to the British. We walked around the corner to Arch Street to see Ben Franklin ’ s grave in Christ Church Cemetery. The list of his accomplishments on the wall surrounding the cemetery is truly stupefying — what a brilliant man he was and how active and accomplished too. P HILADELPHIA M USEUMOF A RT One of those little tourist trolleys attracted our attention next and we decided to join a tour. We discovered that we were able to get on and off at various points in the city so that was a plus as well. Most of the points of interest we wanted to see were on the route and we were happy to see the Philadelphia Museum of Art (where we got out and enjoyed the free visit there). But we also saw Elsforth Lane, the Society Hill section of town, the new City Hall. Philadelphia looks like a very livable city and there is a lot of green space here (more than 10 times the amount of NYC ’ s Central Park).

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