Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

C ONNECTICUT D RIVINGTHE P IKE S Day 5 - Today was a day we had all dreaded because it involved leaving New Jersey via the NJ Pike & the Garden State Pike and somehow getting around NYC without getting sucked into one of the tunnels or on some road that only went to the City. We left Maple Shade at 6 AM hoping to miss some of the rush hour crush and were a little dismayed by the overcast skies with their promise of rain. However, for the most part, the rain held off except for some “ spits and starts. ” The much feared NJ pikes also were not so intimidating after all either. Sharon (driver) & Lois (navigator) got us through the rough spots and over the Tappan Zee Bridge with no real problems. On the NJ Pike, it was a little hairy with huge semis barreling down on us and all the traffic ignored the 65 mph speed limit. The Garden State Parkway separates cars from trucks and that was delightful! Because of the low clouds and rainy conditions, we could not see the skyline of NYC from any of the supposed vantage points, but we were so relieved that we had avoided the city that we did not care. When we crossed over into Connecticut, we decided to take the Merritt Parkway since our map indicated it as a scenic drive. Well, probably in full leaf time, it is very scenic but today it was lushly green and not too awful crowded either. The many small bridges over the Parkway were interesting because they were so varied: some stone, some steel, some plain some very ornately decorated, some with vines growing all over their sides, and some “ clean-shaven. ” They helped to keep interest on the road. We decided to take another scenic highway indicated above New Haven and since we had determined not to go there anyway, we bypassed it by driving on a small road which passed through some charming small towns. Connecticut is surely a part of “ New England ” with the wonderful “ greens ” or “ commons ” at the centers of townships and white churches with slender spires reaching from the Puritan earth to the empyrean.


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