Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002



The horseshoe shaped route we had selected took us back down to I-95 where we found our first real CT destination — the Bishop Family Farms and Orchards. As soon as we reached the place we saw the signs indicated where to go to pick raspberries on your own and we headed there first with great anticipation. We followed the dead-end road, Dunk Hill, around to the fields and drove in through the opening where others had obviously been before us. It turned out that there was no attendant on duty, so we just jumped out of the car and ran into the “ aisles ” between the bushes. The berries were delicious and Sharon & Lois ate quite a few while trying to fill a couple of cups for the Pat and Kay. Finally, the mosquitoes and our shame at such abundance stopped us and we got back in the car. Kay enjoyed hers very much but I don ’ t think that they are Pat ’ s favorite berry. The store along Route 1 is splendid with fresh home-grown fruit as well as some imports, homegrown veggies, bakery goodies, and other delicious snacks. We all picked out the apples and other fruits we wanted to sample: Kay and Pat bought plums and Kay decided to try “ pluots, ” a cross between plums and apricots. Lois bought blackberries, more raspberries, and peaches (Pat bought a peach too). We also got a package of “ apple cider donuts ” because they sounded so appealing.

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