Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

18 The little town of Guilford is quite historic with many buildings from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, so we decided to explore it a bit before going our way. It was its own rewards for sure. The houses are quite charming, in excellent repair, and most of them sported the date of their construction which certainly satisfied our curiosities. We were very happy with our auto-tour as conducted by ourselves. H AMMANASSET B EACH S TATE P ARK Then Route 1 beckoned and we headed for Mystic, but we did stop along the way and visited Hammanasset Beach State Park which was very dramatic. Talk about the “ rock bound coast of Maine! There was a sand beach as well, but the huge glacial erratics were what caught our eyes. Turns out there really was a glacier in the area 18,000 years ago. The melting of this glacier left a huge moraine which is today Long Island. But much of the coast of CT is also moraine left by the retreating glacier and the draining of the Great Glacier Lake that sat inland before the “ dam-like moraine wall broke and the sea came roaring in. Now the coast is about 300 yards more inland that backs in those “ good old days. ”

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