Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

20 At 5 PM, the exhibits began to close though the grounds stayed open until 6 PM. By then, however, we were all aware of just how hungry we were and we left to find Angie ’ s Pizza as recommended by our “ hotelier ” at the Howard Johnson. The restaurant turned out to be a casual eatery that served truly delicious pizza! The crust is made right there on premises and the toppings are fresh and super! We all left that little spot quite satisfied after having fasted so much during the day. We thought we could get our laundry done here only to find that the laundry we passed on the way to our room was for the hotel ’ s use — not the guests. So we gave up on that idea and now we are all getting showers and preparing to enjoy our queen-sized beds. R HODE I SLAND B LOCK I SLAND Day 6 - Got a date with a daydream — and it came true today! McDonald ’ s started us off with a good breakfast and then we drove to Galilee to catch the high-speed catamaran ferry to Block Island — at long last — I can ’ t even remember how long it ’ s been that I have wanted to visit this place. We found a car park right across the street from the ferry pier that charged $10.00 per day & then we bought our tickets (round-trip) for the day. We left at 8:30 AM for the 30-minute ride and knew that we would be returning at 4:30 PM. The clouds were a little too low for my taste as we started out and the sea delivered some long slow rollers that kept the catamaran moving about a bit. Kay was just a little green but the trip was so short that she made it all right. The ferry was actually quite comfortable and larger than we expected. It had airplane type seating in the middle of the cabin and tables with benches along the sides. There were both an open air deck and an enclosed room on the boat ’ s top. Upon disembarking, we felt a good stiff wind and noted that the sky had not really lifted very much. Quickly we came to a group decision NOT to rent bicycles after all but instead to rent a car. So we called a fellow who offered both bikes and cars and he quickly came to his lot and we were all set — car was actually cheaper than 4 bikes would have been! After completing the paperwork, we jumped in and headed into the island ’ s only town - New Shoreham. At the Chamber of Commerce, across from the Old Harbor (we had landed at New Harbor across the island), we got some maps and trail descriptions and marveled as we watched the sky clear and the blue come through the clouds like a laser show. By the time we found the road to the north part of the island, the sky overhead was a huge blue ceiling over our happy heads. Our goal at the north end was the North Light.

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