Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

22 difficult because the sand above the tide line was very loose and slippery. Above the beach, grasses like spartina and thick shrubs of beach rose grew densely. Behind them was a freshwater pond. The North Light is one of two on the island and they have personalities of their own — both are houses with the lighthouse part attached to the front so that the house and tower are one piece. The North Light is currently not functioning and the wooden building itself is in need of repair. The Block Island Conservancy and the Historical Foundation are working to raise money to rehab the place and we can only hope that they succeed because the lights are unique. After this wonderful walk, we hopped back into the comfy Buick and started back towards town to grab a bite of lunch before exploring the south end of the Island. The New Harbor was glimmering with sunlight on white sailboats with their taut sails when we arrived back in town. We walked along the main street until we found a restaurant with a menu to our liking and went inside. The clam chowder was good as were the Reuben sandwiches.

Back on the road again, we went to the South Light — it had been moved in 1993 because the cliff on which it sat was eroding away under it. We learned that this brick tower & house combination weighs 2000 tons and moved with a system of hydraulic jacks and rails over which the structure was moved. We still could not feature how the whole thing held together under the strain of the move. It too is in disrepair and money is being raised to rehab it as well. This light does continue to function both as a light and as a site for foghorn blasts to keep ships away from the treacherous shores of this beautiful island.

From the South Light ’ s home cliff, we could look away up and down and see the amazing Mohegan Bluffs. People were down on the beach, probably 150 feet below the cliff tops, but we thought the view from above was definitely the best. The whole scene was reminiscent of the scenery on the East Coast of Argentina where we saw the elephant seals and sea lions. Rocky and seaweedy beaches below the steep but crumbling cliffs.

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