Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002

23 protected from development by the Nature Conservancy, the BI Conservancy, BI Historical Foundation and other interested parties. The population is obviously very friendly to the idea of preservation as well or none of this could have happened. The Greenway paths are open to everyone and it is said that the whole island could be covered in the 35 miles of trails. Pat, Kay, and Lois took a short walk into the Rodman ’ s Hollow and found it quite lovely — thick copses of various beach shrubs including the ubiquitous beach roses. The route we chose led us down into the “ hollow ” which is simply a low place in the island created during the glaciation period of moraine building. Then we climbed up again onto a knoll which gave us 360 degrees of views around — interestingly, the whole area is ringed with rather large houses but the Hollow still seems pristine and untouched! When we rejoined Sharon at the Buick, we explored more of the island by heading out to the Coast Guard Station at the south end of the Great Salt Pond through which we had entered into New Harbor. We could not get out there due to the increased security but we could see around it and into the Pond. Returning to town, we headed to the Ice Cream Place for our reward for hiking and were enjoying it mightily when Kay realized that her binoculars were missing. She thought about it for awhile and then remembered that she had put them down when Pat was taking a picture of her & Lois at the end of the hike. So back we drove to the bottom of the south section of the island and there they were, right where she had left them. That was a relief since these are some of her favorite glasses. By then it was about time to meet our friendly car rental agent and surrender the Buick. He told us that the average car renter put about 22 miles on the car — we had put 69 miles on ours! We explored every road we could find and feel like we have a good grasp of how wonderful Block Island — that honored member the Nature Conservancy ’ s Last Great Places — looks in September! Then it was time to reboard the Athena for our ride back to Rhode Island ’ s mainland coast. The ride was smoother and we sat out on the top deck and enjoyed the sun and breezes. Block Island was a dream come true and we all much enjoyed its beauty and wildness in the midst of long human history and development. Next, we pointed the car towards Newport and the mansions! By the time we reached the city and found a place to stay (a Ramada Inn) we decided that we would rather get the clothes washed right there and eat there as well instead of going out for a sunset hike on the Cliff Walk in front of the great mansions of the super wealthy! Pat and Kay enjoyed their lobster dinner (1st one of the trip) but Sharon and Lois enjoyed their baby-back ribs less. However, we were all glad to get the laundry done even if it did take until 10:30 PM A gay black fellow kept us entertained during the long periods of washing and drying.

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