Nova Scotia Road Trip! - 2002


N EWPORT Day 7 - Another beautiful New England day — this time in Newport, RI. We got drinks at Burger King and then went downtown (our motel last night was actually in Middletown — a cheaper next door city) to see the colonial section of town (saved, rehabbed, and preserved pretty much singlehandedly by Doris Duke as a civic project to benefit the whole area) before checking out the “ cottages ” of the rich and famous. The colonial section is centered in the area of Thames Street and Broadway and it is very colorful and quaint. The streets are very narrow and the houses are skinny row houses. Even the commercial buildings are in keeping with the architectural dictates. Bellevue Avenue is the street of the financial titans of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. We drove along it, gasping at the opulence and sheer size of these outlandish “ castle cottages. ” But equally breathtaking was the Rhode Island coast on which all these mansions sat. The beach drive was just beautiful and even the more recent homes were huge and wonderful. On the way back, we found the beginning of the Cliff Walk and went for a truly memorable “ hike ” along the front lawns of the mansions. We learned later from a volunteer that the state legislature had mandated an easement from all the owners that permitted the public to walk along the coast.

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